For me it is easy to find somethingto do for 67 minutes. It is my job to co-ordinate transport at the big hospitalin Cape Town, it is what I do and I enjoy serving the public. Working with moreenthusiasm than usual, because of the spirit of the day and the ever increasingworkload, I was feeling quite tired by the end of the day, so I dedicated 67minutes to myself!

I spent 67 minutes pushing myself inmy rugby wheelchair and reflecting on a day marred by the eagerness ofdo-gooders and diluted with the sense of not enough being done. I feel that toomuch time was spent focusing on how government departments - that are supposedto deliver services to the public every day - did their bit for Madiba. Therewas very little focus on the public who go out of their way to service theneeds of others on an ongoing basis.

So, there I am, pushing myself in afigure of eight to get rid of some of the pent up feelings I have. It is sogood for my mind: sucking the cool, fresh evening air into my lungs andexhaling the tension and stressors of the day. Wow! The feeling intensifies asI go along, concentrating on keeping the momentum, pushing each wheel, guidingit through the course I’ve set for myself and counting the laps. Knowing that the effort I put in will be rewarded by the “good” feeling one gets after exercising. Knowing that with every push I might not get very far, or cover agreat distance, but my mind will be further from the problems I dealt withduring the day. I put a little more strain onto my burning shoulders as I flashback to one of the busier moments, then release it through my arms and gloved hands into the rubber tyres and down onto the floor before driving over itagain and again as I go around and around. Oh how lekker it makes me feel!

My mind calms and my body responds. Ibreath deeper, my heart beats faster. The chill of the winter eveningdisappears as my muscles get stretched and worked out. I start to enjoy thesession; I maintain my speed, I take my break, and I stretch the muscles astheir workload increases. I feel fulfilled, I feel great, I feel alive and itis good for my soul to feel this way.

This is the kind of feeling I wish everyone could feel. This is the feeling I wish I could carry with meeverywhere and share with everyone, but I realise it has to be worked for. Youcannot get the satisfaction of a work-out if you do not work hard at it. Irealise that I might be able to describe the feelings in words, but it goesmuch deeper than that. This feeling that I want to spread has to be earned byputting some effort in.

One can go around and claim glory for the hard work of others, but you can only obtain satisfaction if you’ve contributed something. So, let us all work on how to make a contribution that counts.