There is usually an increase number of cars and taxis on the roads at this time of the year as we visit family and friends. Not everyone has private transport. More and more people rely on reliable, accessible modes of transport. Transport is not only a problem for people with disabilities, it is just more complicated for us.

Besides the non-wearing of seatbelts, speeding and drunk driving, there is another deadly danger - distracted driving! In our technology-hungry, gadget-reliant lives we can be distracted very easily. Are you aware of the danger of doing too much behind the wheel? I am lucky (andembarrassed) to share my story of reading a sms whilst driving – I missed an on-ramp! Some people eat, make and receive phone calls, SMS and other things,which are all difficult to do, but even more so if you drive with handcontrols. I remember juggling my headset and dropping my cellphone on the floor whilst punching an address into the GPS – all to get to a meeting that I was already late for! How irresponsible and dangerous this was, not only for me but for other road users as well. Find a safe place and pull over!!

Many NGOs and “worthy causes” who depend on Lotto funding will soon have to look at other sources of income. Some organisations are leaders in ringing in the change, some only bring in small change, of the monetary kind. Be it big, or small, change every single one has a different meaning. Even the word billion has devalued! Every time when I hear the word “corruption” in a news bulletin, I can’t help but feel robbed and done in, thinking of how those resources could’ve been spent on worthy causes. So many worthy causes are now deemed unworthy, not only by the Lotto, but also because of ignorance and poor management.

I dream of how I would tackle real issues, right here on the ground, if I had the resources and opportunity. But this dream is usually interrupted by reality as too many of us need too much too often. Letus make time to listen to the voice of the people. Let us hear their plans and ideas and wishes. Let us give of our expertise and guidance to those who needit. Let us move into 2012 with unity and pride.