Exciting Times

I have had the most amazing couple of months. The biggest thing that happened was going to Holland and being awarded the International Children’s Peace Prize. It’s the biggest thing that’s ever happened in my life.

Holland is an incredible place. In terms of accessibility it is awesome. I can travel on the public transport very easily -by myself! People were watching us very strangely because we were freaking out about how accessible everything was. Hopefully, South Africa will get close to that level sometime soon.

I had the best experiences of my life. I opened the stock exchange – how many people get to do that? It was so much fun. I spoke to school kids on a twitter interview the day after the ceremony and they got to ask me questions about my life and how I do things. It was a really interestingthing for me. I met Yetta Klijnsma, a Dutch MP who had polio so she now walks with a walking frame. She is the ambassador for the Liliane Fonds which is an organisation that supports children with disabilities in developing countries.They want me to sometimes travel with her to inspire children.

Winning the International Children’s Peace Prize is an incredible honour. I am the second South African (the first was Nkosi Johnson) and I’m the first child with a disability to be awarded the prize. For me, this prize is shedding a big light on disability issues. It will allow me to speak at many different conferences and other speaking engagements where I can show how people with disabilities have a lot to offer to society and deserve thesame dignity and respect as any non-disabled person.

I think this is going to bring with it incredible opportunities. I’m going to travel, see amazing things and have awesome experiences. And through this I will be showing people that disabled people can do just the same as able-bodied people do.

Just saying! – Chaeli Mycroft