It’s the year of your life everybody waits for with great expectations – matric –the last year of school . . .

Let me tell you, matric is definitely not a joke! I have never had so much work in my entire life. Unlike last year, it’s a higher level of work in everything - not just one subject. They told us at the end of last year that we would be doing a lot more work. We really should have listened more attentively. We now understand what they were talking about!

Apparently, the first term of matric is always a lot more stressful than the other three. This is because the teachers are trying to get through a big chunk of the syllabus so that we are less stressed when we have to focus on the exams.

I really hope this is the truth. I don’t know if I could survive another nine months like this. So, I’m asking you all to cross fingers and hold thumbs (I’m good at this because my fingers do this naturally . . . haha) for me and the rest of my peers, that the workload for the year will slow down. If it doesn’t,we will all need to become nocturnal and survive on less sleep for the rest ofthe year.

Even with the crazy, hectic workload and schedule, I’m having the most amazing time at Reddam. I have incredible friends who are there for me when I have my occasional meltdowns from stress. When this happens we kind of just cry together. It is awesome for stress release. If you ask me, crying is incredible– it also makes other people aware of your stress levels. I’m pretty sure we will be having many more crying sessions throughout the course of this year!

I’m going to go with the flow. I am going to work really hard to get my marks up to where I want them to be. You guys will be hearing about these developments in future issues. We are told that, if we work hard, we will achieve our dreams.

Just saying . . .