After much public outcry it seems that the Gauteng e-tolls will roll out 30 April 2012.Taxis and public transport operators are exempt but people with disabilities - who cannot make use of these options – have been left out in the cold!! QASA, with the support of SADA, has joined the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA) in their court application to halt e-tolls, so watch the press!


You will be charged 30c/km for cars, 20c/kmfor motorcycles and 75c to 151c/km for trucks with a cap of R550 per month for cars and motorcycles. Tolls are charged, as you pass under each overhead gantry, as a single transaction. An online e-toll calculator is available on their website.

Getting Started

To purchase an e-tag and register anaccount:

1.Go toa Customer Service Centre. There are four “Drive In” centres (sign posted with orange signs and with accessible parking bays and toilets, but the counters are not at compliant heights) situated at the following interchanges - Rigel Road; Modderfontein Road; Rivonia Road and Grey Avenue.

2.Register on-line at then purchase a starter pack from Pick ‘n Pay;Shoprite or Checkers.

3.Call the e-toll call centre on 0800 SANRAL (726725) and purchase a starterpack as above - or have the e-tag delivered at an extra cost.

Your e-toll Account

You registerone account and connect additional vehicles to that account – eg. family or staff.

Choose oneof two vehicle identification methods – either your vehicle licence platenumber or an e-tag. e-tag offers the most discounts and must be fitted to the vehicle’swindscreen – usually behind the rear view mirror. If you opted for e-tag, yourequire one e-tag per vehicle.

You must provide: an RSA ID or Passport number; physical and postal address; contact details; your preferred payment method details (cash, bank account or creditcard details); your vehicle licence plate number and make and model of thevehicle/s to register on your account.

O nce registered, you can manage your account online: change your personal details,top up, viewing e-road usage and pay toll fees.

MoneyMoney Money

After registration youwill need to make an initial payment: R49.95 deposit (not applicable if you have already purchased a “Starter Pack” plus a five cent initial top-up per vehicle registration (or the minimum financial transaction amount prescribed by your bank). This R50 will becredited to your e-toll account. Opting for e-tag delivery costs an additional R60.00.

Starter packs of R49.95 (including e-tag and customer ID card) are available at Pick ‘n Pay,Shoprite and Checkers but they don’t offer registration or top up facilities atpresent (only on-line or at Customer Service Centres).

A Day Pass costs R50 and is valid on Gautend e-roads for a 24 hour period after the first gantry pass. Only 12 peryear per vehicle are allowed. Do not purchase it on the day of travel as it maynot be activated in time!

If you donot register you must pay e-road tolls within seven days of usage. It is acriminal offence to use the e-roads and not pay. 24-hour mobile, e-tollpolicing vehicles will apprehend violators.

The e-tag

Discounts (including Have an E-tag, Time ofDay and Frequent User) are available for prepaid account holders with an e-tag.You need to link your e-tag - using the bar code located on the side - to your Customer Account identification number (on your Customer ID card).

The matchbox sized e-tag is fitted with a 5-yearbattery. Passing under a gantry, the e-tag emits one audible beep for asuccessful transaction. Two beeps means your account balance is low. Passingunder a gantry, it will beep four times, or not at all, if it is low or faulty- contact the Customer Service Centre or Service outlet.

Make sure that you get the appropriate bracketfor your windscreen type (angled or vertical). With metallised windscreensmount the e-tag on the area that is lighter than the rest - refer to yourvehicle handbook, or contact a Customer Service Outlet or Call Centre.

GFIP e-tags also work on the Bakwena tollroad (N4 Platinum Toll Road) and other toll roads that display the e-tag sign. Bakwena e-tags work on the Gauteng e-roads, but you must register an e-toll account and associate your Bakwena e-tag with it.

HappyTravels !!