Does Size Matter?

“I have been a paraplegic for four years and happily married with two children. My wife and I have learnt how to get erections with a pump, and sometimes the injection, and our sex has been good - even though I am disabled. Recently however, I have noticed that my penis seems to be getting smaller and shorter?? My wife has also noticed this and says that she is not getting the same pleasure from me anymore? Is there any way I can get my penis bigger or longer?

Dear Anonymous, You make no mention of your penis size before but, if intercourse was good, I assume that your penis was long enough to penetrate your wife’s vagina. This is all that is necessary, size-wise, for satisfactory intercourse – and for several reasons.

Extensive studies have been made over the years to describe an average penis size and an average vaginal sheath depth. Writers agree that the average vagina is between seven and nine centimetres deep and can become slightly longer with arousal. The average penis, when erect, ranges from 12.89 cm to 15.5cm. Anything longer has boasting at the bar potential only! The vaginal opening, and the first +/- 2cm inside, has acute and pleasurable sensory awareness and includes the Grafenberg or “G” spot.

Deeper into the vagina, and up to the mouth of the cervix, there is little to no sensation and this plays a role in lessening pain during childbirth. The bottom line therefore is that an erectpenis length of four to five centimetres is sufficient to have successfulintercourse!! Penis size is not related to sexual satisfaction!

If you are familiar with the Vacurect vacuum pump, which Ihave described in several articles in this magazine, you will know that thisdevice can double or treble the length of the flaccid (limp) penis quite comfortablyand harmlessly.

The difference between flaccid penis size and erect penis size has no direct correlation. Some flaccid penises justbecome rigid when erect - with no, or little, change in length - while some short, flaccid penises can double or more in length when they become erect.

If the vaginal opening is enlarged, or stretched, a tighter and more pleasurable experience can be achieved by changing your intercourse position. If you adopt a side laying posture, with vagina lentry from the rear, your wife can hold her legs together during intercourse.This closes the vaginal opening and makes entry tighter - with more sensation. If your mobility allows you to adopt a male on top posture your wife can lie on her stomach, with her legs together, and you can again enter the vagina from behind.

If you are an adventurous couple you can use the same vacuum pump you are using, with the largest ring, and apply it to the labia around the vaginal opening. With your wife’s tolerance and comfort levels taken into account of course! The suction will cause the labia to become puffy and swollen as they become engorged with increased blood flow and thereby narrow and half close the vaginal opening - which will make entry more sensory and tight.

You have not mentioned your age? Advancingage plays a role with penis size getting smaller. The reason for this is thatcouples, as they age, normally have sex less frequently because of the wifegoing through menopause (with reduced libido) and husbands are often obese,have diabetes, cardiovascular complications, or smoke and drink excessively. Asthe need for frequent erections goes down the need for constant, regular bloodsupply reduces and, with lower arousal and libido, the need for a large penisbecomes unimportant - so the penis gets smaller. The old rule of Use It Or LoseIt applies!

In closing, there is no scientific proof that any of the penis enlarging potions, creams or oils actually work - other than flattening your wallet!