You are holding in your hands the fiftieth edition of the only glossy, lifestyle magazine for people with mobility impairments in the whole of Africa! What a huge achievement it is for the editorial and publishing team, the contributors and columnists, those who advertise in it - in fact - for everyone involved with putting this awesome magazine together. Well done to you all, congratulations on this momentous achievement and a big thank you to all the faithful subscribers who’ve contributed toward reaching this milestone.

Rolling Inspiration is found in numerous waitingrooms at doctors’ surgeries and hospitals which enabling greater numbers ofpeople to read it. I know it gets passed around to patients and staff in thehospital I work at! It certainly is one of the flagship products of the QuadParaAssociation of South Africa and a mouthpiece, highlighting some of the most important issues that affect the lives of people with disabilities in SouthAfrica.

As we celebrate the fiftieth issue of our magazine, we also celebrate some of the victories we have won over the years and communicated to our readers in this very magazine. The awareness of spinal cord injury dangers caused by rugby injuries, and the resultant creation of theBoksmart campaign rings a bell.

When I think back over the years that we’ve had this magazine, and the wealth of information shared, I realise how lucky we are. Therewere numerous bits of information that I applied in my life. I can refer toseveral topics with confidence, knowing that it is relevant, researched and applicable.

One of my favourite editions featured Wheelchair rugby in 2005. Not only because I like the sport, but because of the relevanceof the information. There certainly is something interesting for everyone ineach issue.

Several contentious topics have also featured - thatstill need to be resolved or looked at. There are still many battles to be fought and, in order for people with disabilities to continue to fight for their rights, we need the kind of magazine that Rolling Inspiration is. Unemployment still seems to be a huge problem and yet we do not see enough adverts for employment or employment seekers in here. I make this example to encourage youto continue to support this publication. Continue to subscribe and contribute toward getting the right kind of content and sending out the right kind of message. Let us all use this magazine to further the aims and objectives of people with mobility impairments as we look forward to the next fifty issues.