Ihave been so ridiculously busy in the past few months! I am finishing my matricyear, which is proving to be slightly more difficult and slightly more pressurethan I had prepared for.

Wehave so much work! But the amazing thing is that we have finished ourcurriculum and now we are just revising the work. I still can’t believe theamount of work we have covered in a six-month period. It’s amazing to me.

Theother things that are happening in my life are obviously events for The Chaeli Campaign.Our latest drive is ‘Chaeli Peace Pops’. These are candy suckers that promotepeace AND disability awareness.

Weare selling them throughout the month of September and our goal is to sell onemillion Peace Pops - maybe more. It would be incredible if we could achievethis goal but for this to happen we are going to need a lot of help. If you areinterested in buying a Peace Pop (at R3 a pop) to promote peace and to raiseawareness of disability rights.

Iwill love each and every one of you just a little bit more than I already do ifyou would get involved in this drive. Just think how much difference we couldmake in raising awareness and getting people involved in creating a more inclusivesociety for everybody, differently-abled and others!

Ifwe all work together we could make an incredible difference in many children’slives, change the perception of disability around the world and change ourreality.

Justsaying :)