I recently finished writing prelims. I also turned eighteen. I have to say that it was a crazy three weeks. I had very little sleep in that time and I have never been so tired in my entire life, honestly. The holidays are definitely well-deserved.

The excited thing in my life at the moment – other than being very close to finishing school – is that I’ve been invited to be a keynote speaker at the UNESCO Conference on education and integrating the youth in decision-making. What makes it even cooler is that it is taking place in Paris! Another thing is that I’m going with my sister, Erin. It’s the first time that I am travelling without my mom.

I am SO excited!

I am looking forward to it because it is an amazing place, Paris, and I can’t wait to experience all the epic things Paris has to offer. I think it’s going to be something that is going to change not only my perspective on life, but also all of the other young people who are going to attend the conference.

All of this is happening in between my exams. Many people may feel that I shouldn’t be doing something as extreme at such a stressful time ... I feel that it will be an awesome thing to do to get all the excitement out of my system. That way, when I get back home I can knuckle down and dominate my final exams.

The focus of the conference is to get input from and engage with young people - to hear their opinions and feelings about their education and allow a space to speak, and have the people who make the decisions that will impact our lives as young people listen to what we have to say.

I think my going to the conference will add a different voice, a voice of a differently abled young person. I can share the concerns that I, as a disabled person, have for young people living with disabilities and our equal right to an education and to be included.

Woop for the youth!

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