Crossover vehicles are a hot trend in the motor manufacturing sector. These manufacturers are creative and tweak the suspension of a car, raise the body for better ground clearance and voila, you have a vehicle that will handle a pothole and moderate off road terrain. This makes sense. Why own a car that can only handle one terrain when you can buy a vehicle that can do so much more?

The same principle applies to prosthetic feet - there has always been a compromise, or shall I say no compromise?

You would get a foot that is very affordable but you are limited to only low impact activities. Or the foot is recommended for jogging but impossible to walk with or to put into a shoe.

This meant that if the prosthetic user had a high activity level, recreational hobby or played a sport like squash then they had to purchase a second prosthesis to do so.
So to fill the gap between low and very high activities Ossur invented the Vari-Flex XC Rotate.

This foot is ideal for those enjoying a very active outdoor lifestyle, as the Vari-Flex XC Rotate offers the perfect balance between weight and shock absorption.
The foot combines superb energy return with smooth roll-over motion, shock absorption and valuable rotational capabilities.

Central to the Vari-Flex XC Rotate is the respected ‘torsion cell’, which makes it easier to turn while simultaneously helping to reduce rotary forces on the knee joint and shear forces on the residual limb.

It is designed to accommodate walking, hiking and jogging!

You can head back to the office on Monday with the same foot you ran with on the weekend. Just remember to wash off the mud! It is one of the first true Crossover feet ever built and I am very impressed.