I awoke to the warmth of the sun shining through my window, reminding me how blessed I was to see another day.

When I was injured in a car accident in March 2003, I realised how much I was loved. My life was spared and I was given another chance to embrace it. It was though my daily challenges and limitations that I had a hostile attitude towards, moved to me embracing life as best as I could. Irrespective of our different disabilities, different circumstances, different situations and how we deal with them, love sees us through.

I read many self-help books and did research on spinal cord injury and recovery, using my own progress as a living case study. I needed to understand the extent of my trauma and what I needed to do in order to live a fulfilling life. I introspect a lot when I come across a challenging moment and realise even more how love removes the stone from my heart and enlightens me to the possibilities and favours that come from finding the positive in every experience.

I’m surrounded by love and love surrounds me. It is easy for me to face my daily challenges with a smile. Since then, I have had another car accident. Thankfully, I managed to control the car to a stop. My car was written off and the muscles in my hand and arm went into a terrible spasm which I am still receiving therapy for three months later. It’s a long process, but I feel myself getting closer and closer to a full recovery.

I realised that challenges are just lessons to learn along my journey, to help me mature. Without them, life would be meaningless. These past ten years have been rife with challenges that my spinal injury has caused and I have worked hard to be rehabilitated so to re-enter society and go back to work. These challenges have not only given me strength, but they have shown me who my true friends are that have my best interests at heart.

I was independent before my injury and I still am even today Although it wasn’t always easy, as doubt and fear can sometimes blind you. The real demons of fear are the ones that are invisible. When it is just you and your thoughts. However, if we learn to face our inner fears, we can overcome so much more. Challenges seem smaller and possibilities seem greater. Love can help us do that. I am fortunate enough to be able to get through my day with a positive attitude and without having to rely on any assistance because I can control my fear and embrace the love that encourages me to live a better life.

The great thing about love is that we are all capable of both feeling it and giving it. So today, make the choice to love yourself, then step out into the world and spread it.