We received information from Airports Company South Africa that their parking facilities have been upgraded for persons with disabilities at OR Tambo International Airport. This got me looking into the various options for parking at airport around the country.  Here’s what I’ve found:

Pick Up and Drop Off Points

Accessible bays in these areas are clearly marked with the international blue and white signs. However, sometimes access to these bays is not always available.  The rules for these areas are such that you do not leave your vehicle unattended, as they will fine you and tow the vehicle away. Some of the bigger airports offer pick up and drop off areas within the parkades, with limited free minutes (between 15 – 30 minutes).  ACSA’s website, www.acsa.co.za, has information on parking, rates and directional maps, as well as contact numbers if you need more information.


The various parkades are split up into Short Term and Long Term Parking, with accessible bays in the Short Term areas.  They usually consist of open and covered areas. Directional signage will show you the areas where accessible bays are situated, but they are usually closest to the entrances of the access routes to the terminal buildings.


Short Term Parking

There are bays on all levels of the parkades. A large number of short term parking bays are  on level three at the Domestic Terminal side of the multi storey parkade.

The Long Term Parking

The Long Term Parking is further away from the Terminal Building and offer cheaper daily rates. There are four shuttle busses that run every 15 minutes to the various long- term parkades, and three have accessible facilities, although the ramps are a bit steep. The alternative for wheelchair users is to park in the short-term multi storey parkade and make arrangements for long term rates.


Katanga is the company contracted to manage the public car parks at Cape Town International Airport.

Short stay

Two main parkades are situated on either side of the Transport Plaza with accessible bays on every floor. The airport has two shaded parking area which do not have accessible facilities. 

Long stay

This parking is for five days or more. It is limited to 156 bays only and is serviced by golf carts that are not wheelchair accessible. The alternative for wheelchair users is to park in the short-term multi storey parkades and make arrangements for long term rates.

Valet Service

Four companies are operating from the Ground Floor of Parkade 2:


Short stay

There are accessible bays on each floor of the multi story parkade.  QASA members can arrange for Long Term rates by completing a form that they can get from the Manual Cash Station on the ground floor of the parkade once they are ready to leave the parkade and then pay.

Long stay

There are no accessible bays in this area.


These airports have much smaller parking areas and consequently only offer open and shaded parking with limited accessible bays and no assistance.


Short stay

Six accessible bays are situated under metal carports that are opposite the airport entrance.  There are staff that run drop off and pick up services within the parking area on golf carts that will assist you with your baggage at the car.  However, you will need to get your own luggage to the building.

Long stay

This area is very far from the terminal building.

Parking rates are the same for the first three days.  However, should you be away for more than three days, you can have your parking ticket endorsed at the Information Help Desk in the terminal building before you check in, and again on your return so that the Long Term rates can be calculated.  The pay stations will not calculate rates on an endorsed parking ticket!