Planning a business trip to Cape Town and looking for accommodation? In this atricle two establishments; The Harbour Bridge Hotel & Suites, near the CCIC and waterfront area, and the Hotel Verde in the airport precinct are highly recommended. Remember when looking for a hotel, put your needs first. Secondly get their current rates for the dates that you are travelling and then check the website to see if they can offer cheaper rates. You may have to check over a couple of days as rates do change. You might just get a 50% discount!

The Harbour Bridge Hotel & Suites, Cape Town 4*

Situated on the Roggebaai Canal waterfront precinct, near the Cape Town Convention Centre, this hotel spans one of the sea water canals, which link the city to the sea. The Hotel has level access from the street and underground parking area (where there is a designated accessible bay available). The access doors into the buildings have the security swipe facility, which is activated by your room key card. To exit these doors there is a push button release. The reception area has a small business centre, which has the printer at an accessible level. The Restaurant, Bar & Lounge areas are all on the ground floor, with the pool up on the 4th floor. Unfortunately access to the pool is via a flight of stairs only.  The conference facility is accessed via the outside ramp and can accommodate up to 16 delegates. There are 40 rooms and 18 luxury suites offering a lounge area and kitchenette. There is free Wi Fi within the hotel and the room service menu does not have a service charge added.

The accessible room (106) is situated on the first floor in the Bridge Block, and has a double ramped area to access the door. The room is spacious and has an accessible bathroom, with a roll-in shower with small metal seat, toilet with grab rails that are too high, twin basins in a vanity with an accessible drawer under one and a bath with no handles or grab rails. The cupboard has hinged doors, which do not allow for more than one door to be open at a time and the safe is on the third shelf, making it inaccessible to wheelchair users. There is a lower rail with hangars.

The staff are extremely helpful and attentive.

There is a Water Taxi which offers transfers to the Waterfront. It docs at a point where access is only via a flight of stairs, but there is a second area, where it is parked overnight, which has ramped access. The Taxi itself does not have an accessible gangplank, but for those who are not opposed to being carried aboard, they may wish to try it out.

Hotel Verde, Cape Town Airport Presinct 4*

The 4* Eco Hotel is set 400m from the Cape Town International Airport and is Africa’s first carbon-neutral hotel. There is free parking with an accessible bay next to the main entrance as well as one in the undercover basement parking area. The ground floor reception, lounge, bar, restaurant, business centre and conferencing areas are all accessible, with living plant walls separating some of the spaces. The hotel generates 70% of their own power via wind turbines and solar panels, and all their own vegetables are grown on-site. Wednesday evenings are Eco Hour Evenings, with the ground floor only being lit by candles and led lighting and all food cooked either in the pizza oven or on coals.

Guests can contribute to the eco-friendly environment by generating power in the first floor indoor gym on three dedicated treadmills and cycles. All waste is recycled, and processed grey water is used for the flushing of loos. Guests can earn Verdinos (in-house currency) by not using the air-con, re-using towels, recycling waste and using the power generating gym equipment. These are redeemable at the 24 hour deli or bar.

There is an outside gym area and jogging track surrounding a wetland, and the pool is completely au natural, including plants and tadpoles! The VIP lounge is on the first floor and has a lounge area as well as two separate meeting rooms. A really unusual feature for a hotel is that there is a 24 hour shop which offers various snacks and cool drinks available for sale. There are two accessible rooms 125 & 225, each leading off a lobby which serves room 123 & 223 as well, so that these standard rooms may be used for carers. The rooms are spacious and there is an accessible cupboard with the safe and clothes rail at a compliant height. The room leads onto a balcony shared with the 23 room. The bathroom has a glass sliding door which at present does not open to the full width of the wall opening, and also has a non-compliant inner handle. The horizontal rail at the toilet is too high.  The roll-in shower area is large and there is a small wooden slatted seat. There is an emergency bell chord at the toilet area.

The light switches at the bed area are too high, but there is an emergency alarm button on the one side of the bed.

The staff are extremely attentive

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