Sitting in my lounge this afternoon, I watched the Oprah Winfrey Master Class show. She featured one of mine and undoubtedly most of yours women with substance, woman of honor, a great mentor to most of us and a great influential poet… yes, she featured the legendary late Dr. Maya Angelou, who died in May at the age of 86. What a blessing to have lived that long. I have read books that she wrote and as a poet, I have hugely been inspired by her words of encouragement.

She was also a gender activist and wrote about love, life’s experiences, and human behavior and relationship matters.  She was truly a blessing and will continue to inspire many generations to come through the work that she has done.

She was a great teacher and carried with her a bag of self-help tools ready to give anyone that she encountered. Some of which I have used in my life and continue to absorb lessons from. With all the challenges that life throws at us sometimes, have you paused to think: “what is the universe meaning to teach me from this lessons?” What if you decided to look at each and every experience in a different light, trusting the process and looking for the experience and not the feeling or the urge? Nothing happens to us by chance.

Everything and everyone in our lives is there to give us our most needed and wanted lesson at that particular time. In every aspect of our life, when we come to a situation in our life and our faith gets challenged, remember that the key is to focus on the higher power. The higher power knows what is beneficial to us and through that inner soft voice, we will be guided to the right path.  

Just the other day I was happily in love with someone I saw a future with. I was in a long but great and dynamic distant relationship with great communication channels. No one can say today that they saw our break up coming. No one can tell that we were not meant for each other. We had a great bond. Even myself, I never saw this coming. If you ask me what really happened I won’t be able to tell you because it was never really clear what went wrong. It’s another puzzle which I have chosen not to put together because I don’t have the answers for. And I have accepted this and decided to be respect their decision and move on.

I remember how devastated I was with the break up. I asked myself many questions why and what happened until I had no more questions to ask myself. I read the text messages that my partner sent to me, promises we made to each other about our future and what this bond meant to us. It really doesn’t make sense how a bond like ours could be broken so suddenly, but I have learned through the years and through each life’s experience that only the good will come out of this experience. And with each experience, I learn to love myself more and I must say that after a month of some introspection and inner interrogation and seeking guidance from above, I now feel ready to start meeting new people, which is a great feeling I must say.

Yes I still think about my ex and I still miss them a lot but hey… life happens. I’m not the first and the last person to experience heartache. It is what we do about the situation that will determine our next level of maturity. I learn and grow with each experience.

Is there anything you seem to be struggling with right now? What if I told you that this experience is necessary for your personal growth? Each experience is merely there to give you a personal development, which is the greatest exercise you can ever ask for. And after so much that I personally have been through, especially since I sustained my spinal cord injury eleven years ago, I continue to embrace every challenge and anything that life throws at me. You are bigger than your situation.

Just being alive to experience every challenge is a blessing on its own. Life is good, let’s not complicate it. Go on from today knowing that you are the greatest gift and a blessing to the people in your life. Enjoy life, focus on the goodness it provides you and be grateful for what you have and who you have become. Love liberates and you deserve the very best it has to offer.