Rated as one of the toughest ocean competitions in the world, the Nelson Mandela Bay Bell Buoy Challenge took place in the Indian Ocean waters of Algoa Bay - a potential World Heritage Site, given its rich terrestrial and marine biodiversity.

The 2014 Nelson Mandela Bay Bell Buoy Challenge, presented by Jendamark, will be remembered as a record-breaking event.

Not only did it feature the highest number of entries, but also the highest number of finishers and the oldest participant.

Just over 100 participants entered the tough 5km race in which participants swam about 2.5km directly out to sea around a cardinal marker buoy and back again in testing conditions.

The waters were extremely flat due to the moderate off-shore winds, ensuring that all participants reached the buoy in less than 50 minutes.

Coming back was not as easy though, with some swimmers taking more than two hours and 30 minutes to complete the second half of the race and one swimmer was withdrawn for not reaching the cut-off point in time, as competitors battled against an outgoing tide and into the wind.