As 2014 became history everybody looked overly tired, even the medical professionals. 
I think the prospect of sitting on your bum for a while not having to worry about patients’ lives and treatment outcomes, even if it’s just for short while, appeals to everybody especially at the end of a year. 

As I reflected on the life of a business owner in a country where everything is designed to make you pay for everybody else, I walked into a Pretoria hospital to find myself sitting next to a newly amputated well presented thirty something year old man’s bed, just weeks after his very traumatic motorbike accident.

While discussing prosthetic options, I quickly summarised the portfolios of the other three people in the cubicle. One was the patient’s mom, the other his dad and the third one, judging from the questions and positive input, obviously his best friend.

When leaving the hospital the best friend accompanied me to the parking lot.

He walked straight to a beefed up tow truck parked next to my vehicle.

As a certified petrol head I asked him if he tows stuff around as I have a rusted 1936 Buick that needs to move to the place where I intend transforming it into a Rat Rod in the next few years. 

He did not have a business card on him so I told him not to worry, I would get his contact details later from his injured friend.

He replied: “ No, he is not really my friend. I just picked him up from the tarmac after the accident and tried to control the bleeding until the ambulance came. I just popped around today to see if he was ok.”

I was speechless.

This gesture of kindness from a road vulture was all I needed to realise that there is love, hope and potential in all of us and all around us and all we have to do in 2015 is to explore it!