Over breakfast with some treasured friends, we talked in depth about that starting over point, a fresh start in our lives. 

You know that moment where your world has came crashing down and you have nothing to lose? Maybe it’s because of a divorce, natural disaster, drug addiction, death of a loved one, or just a major change that you can’t control.  You pick yourself up.  You start over and go on with your life, or you don’t.  But if you do, you start with a clean slate, and you’re a better person because of it.

The funny thing about clean slates is that you often don’t realise exactly what they are.  You’re overwhelmed, stressed, or just going through something that is changing your life. The change is messing with your life in a big way.  You have tunnel vision, and you can’t see the end.  But you just know that you’ve had enough.

Life can be many things: good, bad, and everything in between. We cruise along for a period of time while enjoying the fruits of our labor and the wonderful things around us. Then something happens to change the course of happiness and new challenges arise. Yet, another setback has befallen us and we’re left once again to wonder why. Why must we start again and look for another fresh start in life?

It could be a setback in our careers, a family situation or even the loss of someone near and dear. It could also be that a long followed routine has run its course and there now exists a desperate need for change because things have just not worked out as expected. A fresh start in life, something new and different is what we want at this point. Hey, we all need to reinvent parts of our lives from time to time. How we arrived at this point is not as important as how we move forward. There are certain things that we must do to insure that we move on to the next phase of our life, not with broken hopes and dreams, but with a positive outlook.

Sometimes to be your best, you have to start at your worst. You have to learn, evolve, and grow starting from nothing into something. You evolve into something that is better and stronger than it ever was before.

Everyone’s clean slate moment is unique. Sometimes it’s about relocating somewhere new, losing your home, getting divorced, or making a career change. Clean slates are as different as the people who choose to embrace, open their arms, and take that chance to start with a clean slate.

To make a fresh start in life we first have to get into the proper mindset. This will be easier for some than others, but doable for all.  Here are a few tips to help with the process.

Leave the Past Behind. It is always difficult to move forward while looking back. Accept all of the past failures and defeats and prepare to move on. You already know how you arrived at this point in your life; concentrate on how to create the future.

Make the Commitment. From this point forward, it’s all about commitment. Make a full commitment to implement some new routines and create new habits. Be certain to review your list and take action on your plan daily, avoiding many of the things that have failed you in the past as much as possible.

Know What You Really Want. Often we think we know what we want out of life, but it has to be defined beyond “being comfortable and debt-free” or something along those lines. Our goals should serve as the map to get us exactly where we want to go, and then all we have to do is stick with it to the very end.

Forget About Perfection There are times when we just try too hard to get it right in our quest for perfection. Forget about it. Simply try to be better than most others by putting in the extra effort without getting bogged down in pursuit of making things perfect.

Become an Early Riser There is no better time to get your day started and begin the process of working toward your goals than early in the morning. It’s an energetic and peaceful time, which provides an opportunity to create a morning routine that sets the tone for the remainder of the day.

Get Rid of the Negativity in Your Life. Are there things in your life that are dragging you down? Get rid of negativity, it’s a downer and serves you no good purpose. This can be tough, but it is absolutely necessary. A fresh start is not about taking along the same things or people that may have contributed to past failures or unhappiness

Do More by Doing Less. It’s simple, do more of what really produces good results for you and less of what doesn’t. Using this balancing technique will eventually eliminate the things that have a poor return on your invested time.

Make It Fun. Creating a fresh start, new habits and charting a new course for your future will be lots of work and requires a ton of discipline. But injecting fun into the equation removes much of the sweat equity you’ll have to expend. Analyse your situation and determine how you can make it fun while working hard to make your goals a reality.

As I conclude, creating a fresh start in life can be a good thing and should not be viewed as the worst of situations, but rather, an opportunity to improve. We need a fresh start at times; a sort of mental cleansing that provides a much-needed boost to our outlook on life. Why stay in a situation that is just not working to your advantage?

Take action and seize the moment, it’s your life after all. Leave the past behind and step into a fruitful and productive 2015.