There are many art and craft activities that children with physical disabilities can participate in. Here are some ideas that make use of inexpensive or recyclable materials that can be made at home or school.

Bug Rocks & Magic Acorn Mushrooms

Materials: selection of smooth stones/pebbles, acorns, sticks or other organic materials, wood glue, acrylic paint, paint brushes, and square cardboard/wood. Optional: plastic ‘bug-eyes’.

Method: paint bug eyes or stick down plastic ‘bug eyes’ onto each rock and decorate using colour paint. Carefully cut sticks to the height you want your mushrooms. Carefully glue the sticks to the upturned acorn to make a magical mushroom. Carefully glue the bottom of each Magic Mushroom and Bug Rock to your cardboard.

Fridge Magnet Letters

Materials: assortment of beads, buttons, beans, seeds glitter etc, wood glue, scissors, white cardboard, wooden clothes pegs, colour and black koki pens, magnetic strip/Prestik.

Method: Carefully draw a letter on the cardboard using a koki pen and cut it out using the scissors.

Decorate the letter by gluing down and using beads, buttons, beans, seeds or any other materials you have. Wait for the glue to dry. Carefully attach a magnetic strip to the back of the letter or stick onto the fridge using Prestik.

Pretty Tin Containers

Materials: empty tin can (don’t use a glass jar as it could smash if dropped), old magazines/old wrapping paper, ½ cup flour, water, paint brush. Optional: clear varnish.

Method: Make sure your tin can is well washed and dry. Carefully tear pretty pictures (i.e. butterflies, fish, flowers) and specific colours from your magazines (i.e. different colour blues from different pages). Mix the flour with 1 cup warm water to make a cheap glue. Carefully dip each piece of colour paper into the glue and smooth onto the surface of the tin. When your surface is filled, carefully stick your pretty pictures onto the colour surface you have made.

Give the whole tin a good coat of glue and leave in the sun to dry. You could paint a layer of clear varnish to make it glossy.

Pasta Picture Frame

Materials: macaroni or other dry pasta, cardboard, paint, paint brush, wood glue, ruler, and pencil. Optional: photo.

Method: Using your pencil and ruler, carefully draw a boarder around the outside of your cardboard. If you have a photo that you want to frame, use your ruler and draw a line around the photo to make sure it will fit in your frame (remove photo and only glue down once the paint has dried). Stick down your pasta using the glue on the edge of your border. Paint each piece of pasta a different colour using your paints. Leave in the sunshine to dry and then stick down your photo to the frame.