As all parents know, no compromise can be made when it comes to the physical, mental and social development of a child. When a disability gets in the way of normal development, drastic measures have to be taken to try and overcome obstacles in order to give that child the best possible rehabilitation outcome.

The best way is usually to intervene as early as possible by providing the child with functional limitations the corresponding mobility aids whether it is to support standing, walking, sitting or lying down.

Taking a closer look at the Otto Bock Kidwalk walking aid, it is clear to see that it is a very innovative walking aid. Indicated for infantile cerebral palsy, muscular hypotonia, spasticity, dystonia and other motion disorders, it allows children the chance to walk with a normal gait pattern without any other support.  It supports the pelvis and torso so your child can stand up and actively participate.

The KidWalk not only helps practice important functions while standing and walking, it also provides your child with the greatest possible freedom for their own activities.

Mobilization can start from the first year of life. The KidWalk is a dynamic walking aid allowing offspring to stand and walk unassisted and so achieve the highest degree of mobility through training and practice. This boosts and promotes independence as well as self-confidence.

At 18kg, the Kidwalk can be quite heavy and bulky to pick up or load in and out of a car but looking at the tool-free adjustability of the two piece frame and quick-release drive wheels, it’s a breeze to set up so the little one can get up and move around in only a few minutes.

From a therapy point of view, the ease of use is also a bonus.

The Kidwalk is able to promote hip extension and upright pelvic positioning, not to mention the hands free mobility – it provides the child with immeasurable independence. The process of helping any child to walk alone takes time and effort, but the end result is a taste of independence and autonomy, that helps their development of spatial awareness and encourages a proactive desire to discover what is all around, not just what is in front.

With a variety of sizes and vast amounts of accessories to fit most patient needs, the Kidwalk can open new horizons for your child!