Surprise Surprise!

Radio 2000 DJ, Doug Anderson, is full of surprises but no-one was as surprised as Maddie when he popped the question during a radio interview with Angela Ludek. Of course the whole event had been carefully scripted in advance, and those of us in the know – including Maddie and Doug’s favourite band, Prime Circle - waited with baited breath for THAT moment. Doug and Maddie met two years ago in a MXit chatroom. When he told her that he was a radio DJ she didn’t believe him at first, but then she tuned into his late night show and she is now his greatest fan.

In Doug’s favour, he is the only boyfriend that Maddies late father, Ras Steyn, ever truly approved of. Generally serious in nature, Doug struggled to keep his face straight as Angie went through the motions. Maddie had a sneaky suspicion that something was planned but was caught totally off guard when Doug proposed to her on air and asked her to be his beautiful bride. With tears of joy ruining her mascara, Doug and Maddie held each other tight as their favorite SA band Prime Circle played their new song, Breathing, live and unplugged!

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