QASA welcomes Lauren Blackbeard into the team as our new Project Co-ordinator. Lauren will be taking over in this position with much energy and dedication to her performance for QASA. She is an ambitious young woman with a strong legal background and a dynamic attitude to succeed. Lauren will be taking over responsibility of a number of our projects including the Care Attendant Training that is sponsored by Momentum. She has already thrown herself into this and others projects and will be the key co-ordinator for our latest development, Driving Ambitions.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding these, our website or any applications for wheelchairs, memberships and subscriptions, you can contact her at the QASA National office on 031-767-0348 or 082-802-7198.

Good Looking Logo

QASA recently unveiled their new logo, designed for the Durban based association by Angela Bax. The new logo has been well received by QASA members who feel that it more realistically portrays the reality of people with mobility impairment and the beautiful country that we live in. They were especially impressed with the use of South African colours and the fact that the wheelchair user is leaning forward in the wheelchair. This, they said, portrayed an active member, someone with energy and life and moves away from old, outdated perceptions. This is not someone who sits back and waits for the world come to them or to help them, it is rather a person who looks forward to challenges. They feel that the new logo graphically represents QASA’s active involvement in promoting the interests of its members and their active participation in life.

For more information about QASA, the benefits of being a member and details on how to become a member call 031-767-0348/0352 or email

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