Lubabalo Mbeki - Work and Employment Officer

NCPPDSA, in partnership with QASA have employed Lubabalo Mbeki as the Work and Employment Officer, funded by the Thabo Mbeki Development Trust. Lubabalo was born in Butterworth with Phocomelia (the congenital absence or abnormal shortening of limbs) and, at the age of seven had both of his legs amputated above the knee. “I have no regret to my disability life as from the day of birth. Thanks to my late father and most lovingly mother for always embracing their responsibility to see me grow, getting the best they could afford for my life and making me independent with my disability.”

“Government made an undertaking that the representation of people with disabilities would constitute 2% of Public Service by the end of 2005. The 10th Commissioner of Employment Equity Annual Report 2009/2010 spells out that this was not reached and in the beginning of 2010 our representation, both in government and in private sector, is still below the 1% mark. This is when I find the importance of disability individuals and organisations, like QASA and NCPPDSA, to take full responsibility and being fully engaged on issues affecting persons because we are our own experts on our needs.

Since joining Lubabalo has made Work and Employment branch-to-branch visits and conducted a workshop in the Eastern Cape. A National Disability Database is also being developed. Lubabalo has settled down nicely to his new position and is looking forward to sharing his experiences, ideas and knowledge gained with previous institutions.

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