iKili-Kili Climb

Jo Anne Wilkinson, wife, mother of four boys and National HR Manager for Triton Express, will be climbing Kilimanjaro, in loving memory of her late father, Dave Jeffery, and to raise funds and awareness for QASA.

When Jo Anne’s father became ill with cancer he developed radiation mylitis causing paralysis to slowly spread though out his body. He and his family soon learnt about inaccessibility! Jo Anne leaves for Kilimanjaro December 12. “This big, challenging mountain is symbolic of the challenges faced every day by people with disabilities,” says Jo. “My message is that no mountain (metaphorically) is too high or challenging to climb with support, love, faith and positive thinking. I will be using my blessings to walk and climb for all of those who cannot. To all the wonderful individuals and company’s who have made donations to QASA – a HUGE thank you!”

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