Norman Wright: “I entered Q4Q in 2009 for the first time and enjoyed the event to such an extent, meeting different people from all walks of life and, mostly, knowing that I was able to contributor towards making a difference in the lives of all quadriplegics and paraplegics. 23 September 2010 and we were off again to tackle the four day ride from Johannesburg to Durban in the dust and the dirt, but this time the mission was different, as we teamed up with Team Turtle, the official team from Remme-los House – a Self Help Centre for quadriplegics, based in Johannesburg - which is affiliated to QASA. Our team of 16 people, including three quadriplegics, completed each day with enthusiasm and vigour showing that people from all walks of life can enjoy the outdoors, albeit in the dust and dirt. I was totally amazed to see a recently new member to the home, Corne – a mere 22 years old (diving accident left him a quadriplegic) - being placed in their pipe car to feel the exhilaration of dust, dirt and sheer beauty of our rural countryside, crossing rivers and going off road through farms and over hills (oops, mountains!) and through the forests and cane fields. This was such an achievement and enjoyment, you could see and feel the Hero look in this young man’s eyes! This is why I enjoy this event! As an incomplete quadriplegic I salute all the riders and the sponsors of this event. Thank You! I encourage you all to get in the dust and dirt with us next year!”

“The Family Adventures team ROCK”


Philip Case: “For long stretches of hot, dusty roads, all I wanted to do was finish. Mainly to prove to myself that I am still capable of doing something extreme, something that I wanted to attempt for years but always found a sensible reason not to. Now, back to the normal grind sitting behind my pc, all I want to do is strap in and head off in my Polaris on another life adventure. I’m not going to wait until next year; I’m going to find something more immediate to feed this new space that has been created. The event itself is more than just the four days and hundreds of kilometres of off-road adventure. We passed vibrant homesteads with smiling children, drove through dry riverbeds, over mountains, through valleys and saw so many strange and forgotten parts of this land. I think back to some of the terrain we conquered and don’t have a clue how we got through it. Sometimes you just have to go for it, hesitation or turning back is just not an option. Some clichés still hold true. I had the worst preparation imaginable and got lost more than I’d like to admit but I wouldn’t change a thing.

“What a blast... Life is for living”


Ari Seirlis: “This is the most incredible event. Besides the challenge of adapting one’s quad bike to accommodate your disability in order to complete 1000kms off-road from Johannesburg to Durban, the camaraderie, the local community, the dust and the beautiful terrain, will never be forgotten. I have ridden in this event for five years and the dust will never be forgotten, the poverty in the rural areas is shocking, the cause undoubtable, the terrain is unforgiving, yet the satisfaction of completing this event in four days, is unforgettable. I am inspired by the commitment of the organisers to our organisation and to the success of this event.“

“This gruelling off-road event has got to be on your bucket list”

Anne Watson: “The team spirit at Q4Qs was incredible. Andrew Lawrence looked at my riding boots and promptly bought me a brand new pair of boots with a special knee guard saying: ‘We are all in this together and if we can help each other, we must.’ I’d be stopped on the side of the road – taking in the vista and thinking, ‘Wow! This is our stunning country’ – and a rider would stop and ask if I was okay. There were tunnels built during the Boer War in 1891 by the Boer’s to store their ammunition. One was about 3kms long and pitch black. Outside it was boiling but in the tunnels it was ice cold. What a relief! Glen asked myself and Chantel to lead the riders into Carnival City. I was so dirty and dusty! Thanks to my sponsors, Bidvest, Bluff Magazine, Netcare St Augustine’s, family and friends.”

“I’ve been a paraplegic for 6 years and Quad biking has taken me back to nature.”

Chantel Oliver: “There are no words to explain this life changing experience! I have always lived a very active lifestyle and, since my car accident two years ago, thought how hard can Q4Q’s be? - after all, it is for a great cause.With no preparation or training - with my employer, PAG, backing me, with Rob Emery, from Pilot Software, driving my backup vehicle and with my Jonway Motorcycles sponsored quad - I was ready to go. From meeting the Family Adventure’s team and everyone else - who were always willing to give a helping hand - to arriving at the end with new friends, this was definitely one of the most physically and emotionally exhausting experiences ever. But at the same time, a most rewarding experience!”

“I can’t wait to be back next year”

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