HOTspot News - DISABILITY 2005 - Attractive line-up; Backing up safely

Disability EXPO 2005

Scores of exhibitors have already signed up for South Africa's first lifestyle exhibition focusing on the disability sector.

Disability 2005, South Africa's first international trade and lifestyle exhibition focusing on the disability sector, is attracting good attention and most leading suppliers have already committed to going on to the show, according to Bette McNaughton of Fair Consultants, who are staging the exhibition.

Scheduled from 3rd to 5th November at the Kyalami Exhibition Centre, Bette says she's now confident of achieving 100 exhibitors covering a wide range of interest around the core subject.

These include: vehicle controls and adapted vehicles; supportive daily living equipment; communication aids; computer products targeted for people with disabilities; emergency medical service providers; a wide range of wheelchairs and hand-cycles as well as wheelchair accessories and clothing; other mobility aids; hearing aids; hospital furniture; patient handling devices; aids for the sight and hearing impaired; a variety of physiotherapy products and services; artificial limbs and other prosthetic devices; as well as specialised building products and sport equipment.

Companies which have already booked show space include:


  • AC Miller, Blind SA,
  • CE Mobility,
  • Chairman Industries,
  • Disability Solutions,
  • Electric Mobility,
  • Epilepsy SA,
  • Fast Pulse 77,
  • Genemax Med,
  • Good Hobby,
  • GT Centre,
  • Hands on Lifts,
  • H R Smith,
  • Huntleigh,
  • Inclusive Computer Solutions,
  • Independent Drive Systems,
  • Life Healthcare,
  • Medicare Hospital Equipment,
  • Mobility Strategy,
  • Meditronis Physical Med.,
  • Muelmed Medi-Clinic,
  • National Med,
  • Nightingale Heartcare Product,
  • Solutions Med,
  • Shorts Lifts,
  • Tempur,
  • Speech Recognition Company,
  • AA Travel,
  • City Disability Desk,
  • Barry Edy,
  • Disabled Sports SA,
  • Medop, Presta,
  • Shonaquip and Viva International.

She said the show will also now host a conference with the proposed theme of: “A Barrier-free Society – Finding the Solutions”, and a programme of topics was being finalised. Another first for the Show would be the staging of a hand-cycling race on the Kyalami circuit during the event. Time trials for competitors would take place close to the exhibition area around the pit area, and the highlight would be a road race offering 33 km and 56 km distances and using the whole circuit.

Disability 2005 was also attracting a number of NGO’s servicing the sector who would also be on display.

Rolling Inspiration and the publication’s owners, the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA), will also be on show.

Backing up safely

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