Rolling forward

Right now I'm thrilled about a whole lot of things:

  1. Rolling Inspiration is back on track and rolling again. Now that's good news!
  2. Response to the news on the magazine has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic – even before this issue was produced (*see pages 20/21). This is very pleasing!
  3. We're on the brink of another fully democratic general election and there are exciting opportunities for us there. These are challenging and stimulating times!
  4. We're in a Paralympics year and South Africa's shortlist for Athens 2004 has just been announced (*see pages 23 - 29). Isn't it wonderful to have our elite athletes out there competing on the world's stage!

Let me come back to the beginning; the good news about the resumed publication of this magazine:

Rolling Inspiration was first launched in 2002. The original publishers, Primedia, put together a total of five excellent editions, through to the beginning of last year. Then they told us - with some real reluctance - that strategic directional changes of their own would make it impossible for them to continue with "our" magazine. In our discussions, Primedia readily agreed ownership of Rolling Inspiration was firmly vested in the Quadriplegic Association of South Africa (QASA) and transferred the trademark registration to us, leaving us free to find ourselves fresh publishers.

We found them in Soweto Today (Pty) Ltd, and it soon became clear that we shared similar aims and ambitions for Rolling Inspiration. Now we've happily struck our deal, made our plans and are looking forward to an exciting period of growth and expansion.

With this issue, Rolling Inspiration resumes quarterly publication; we're committed to a verifiable distribution of 5000 copies; and we have solid dedication to "… improving the quality, style, satisfaction and the enjoyment of the mobility impaired, as well as enlightening the many people who support them." We've also put together a fully representative Editorial Board and will apply fresh vision and vigorous commitment to seeking out enhanced content and overall packaging to make Rolling Inspiration the very best and only one of its kind.

And now: – here comes the Big Ask:

  • All of our ambitions and our excitement will fall away to nothing if we don't get response from both readers and advertisers.

To readers of Rolling Inspiration I would like to say: Talk to us! Be interactive! Tell us the Good! Tell us the Bad! Together we will make it all better.

To advertisers, I have an even more direct approach: Support us NOW, we really need you. In return I will make you a sincere promise: If you want to reach the mobility impaired community and everything around it with rifle-shot accuracy, THIS is your very best opportunity to do so in South Africa.

Let's here from both of groups (readers and advertisers) - it will be a pleasure to hear your needs and wishes, and meet them going forward.

Finally, QASA is enormously proud to be the custodian of this publication for our community; we dedicate Rolling Inspiration to its mission of serving everyone in it.

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