2010 - An Incredible Year

It is absolutely appropriate and a pleasure to wish you, our readers, all of the very best for this most significant year.
2010 has got to mean something for everybody in this country.
If you get a chance, if you can afford it and if you can find a way of getting hold of a ticket, you must go and see a game of football.
I find it quite unacceptable that the FIFA website is not navigable for people with sight impairments. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to book a ticket at a venue of your choice, for the game of your choice, in the area designated for people with disabilities.
Yes, you can go to a First National Bank and put your money up front but can everybody get to a FNB? Does everyone have access to the Internet?
Come on LOC, you really need to make a big effort to make those tickets available for people with disabilities, otherwise all those designated areas are going to be empty.
Speaking of which, almost all of the stadia fall short of the necessary number of seating places for wheelchair users. Once again, we are compromised. The FIFA stadium regulations require that 0,5% of the seats available are accessible for people using wheelchairs (this includes VIP and suite facilities).
There is very little in terms of evidence for us to understand what the demand is going to be for seats however, the compromise will affect us more significantly after the tournament.
I can assure you, that a delegation of the South African Disability Alliance is going to address this particular issue at the highest level very soon.
Hopefully, by the time I write the next issue’s column, I can start reporting more positively on the World Cup offerings for people with disabilities.
If you have not seen the movie AVATAR, then you have to go and see this one while it is still on the big screen (preferably in 3D).
The animation is unbelievable, the story is a fantasy and the hero is paraplegic. It gives you a lot of things to think about at the end...
Sam Worthington plays Jake Sulley, who travels to an army base on the planet of Pandora in order to develop a relationship with an alien species by means of an avatar, a half human, half alien clone that he controls with his mind. At the army base he is a paraplegic and often referred to in derogatory terms such as “meals on wheels”, but out on Pandora he has no disability at all.
I don’t want to spoil the story, but I urge anyone with a mobility impairment to go and see this movie.
One sad fact of reality is that actor Sam Worthington is not a paraplegic. I just wish that producers and directors would do the story justice and cast a paraplegic to play the role. Sam is an excellent actor, and it is hard to tell that he is in fact able bodied, but there are plenty of paraplegics out there who could have played this role with pride.QASA wishes a fond farewell to Carla-Jane Haines who is leaving us in order to further her career with a new opportunity. We look forward to another bumper year for Rolling Inspiration, and your communication with us will help us improve and report and write about the issues, products and stories that you are interested in.
At the end of the year, please make sure that you can say:
“2010 was indeed an incredible year”.

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