Nostradamning Predictions for 2010!!

The 2010 FIFA World Cup finals in South Africa are rapidly approaching and I thought I’d get in early with my Nostradamning predictions!

Argentina once champs via the “hand of god”; with Diego in charge they just got the nod! The light blue jerseys could see the last tier, via the efforts of Messi, FIFA player of the year.

Brazil’s samba kings will revel no doubt, for football is what that country’s about. With the Confed Cup already safe and secure, the 2010 FIFA World Cup could be theirs that’s for sure.

Cote d’Ivoire and Cameroon both Africa’s pride, will fight for survival against a strong tide. A baptism of fire awaits the men from the West, as Drogbasets out to prove he’s the best.

Denmark’s dark horses, been there before, early exit for them as they’re shown the door. Good in defence but I have a hunch, since the Laudrops departed they lack killer punch!

England on paper looks pretty strong, I wonder if they’ll be dragging their ‘wags’ along? If Lampard, Wayne Rooney and Stevie dictate; they may well progress beyond the last eight.

France became fickle to make the last shout; the Irish were gutted on being left out. Thierry’s hand volley may still see them yet, reach the last eight though that’s all I’ll bet!

Germany and Ghana both in group four, could well find themselves knocking on the door. A berth in the quarters is not out of sight, for these two soccer giants who’ll put up a fight.

Honduras and Chile will fight tooth and nail to make the playoffs a South American tale. One will go through as the other falls short; as they join the Swiss back to the airport.

Italy “the Azzuri” will be in the mix for they are the champions from two thousand and six. They with the Dutch, Portuguese and Spain could see the trophy go back to Europe again.

Japan’s hopes will be dashed by the Dutch, the Swiss and the Serbs will both need a crutch. None of these three will ever be seen once the World Cup has reached the final sixteen.

Korea Republic is a hard nut to crack though first round action should give them a whack! Korea DPR is definitely in for some toil as the “group of death” heats up to the boil.

Lest Greece or Slovakia spring a surprise, Argentina and Italy will plot their demise. The Greeks face Nigeria could that be a twist? For every World Cup has its underdog list.

Mexico stands ready, Bafana declare war as the Calabash welcomes the world to its door. 100,000 fans whooping in glee and in awe as the first game is drawn: 1 – 1 is the score!

Nigeria proud Eagles of Africa’s nest will join Argentina to battle the rest. Their fate will be destined by the knock out stage draw, where if luck has its way they’ll make the last four!

Old foes Paraguay and Uruguay both powers of old, hope to do battle in the city of gold. Uruguay probably have a strong chance, tricky thing is they’ll have to beat cheaters France!

Portugal and Brazil meet in pool seven, pitting Ronaldo and Kaka, a match made in heaven. And then in the same group Drogba, the Ivorian spear, on African soil he can only spell fear.

Questions are many though answers are few, what of the home side and how will they do? Let me ponder this further before I predict; The passage of Bafana, I think they’ll get licked!

Russia aren’t coming having narrowly missed, the coach of Ukraine must surely be pissed! The luck of the Irish puts them in our hearts, as FIFA stood by watching like helpless farts!

Spain has the flair but do they have the heart? For they have the talent to pull all apart. Alonso and Torres could well on their day; see the Champions of Europe go all the way.

They from down under, New Zealand and Oz, should stick to shearing and footie just coz! Group stages the limit for these teams I fear, leaving early to focus on sheep and cold beer!

USA’s Bald Eagles both brave and so free, are set to face England in early group three. Algeria’s hardest, Slovenia in tow, makes the next round a tough call for those in the know.

Vuvuzela’s will sound by trumpeting hoards, as pubs and clubs put up “house full” boards. B&B owners grinning ear to ear will be counting their profits well into next year!

Watch Ronaldo and Messi the stars of ‘FIFA 09’, preparing for battle, bodies on the line. Casillas, Torres, Alves, Fabergas and Terry, in a class of their own as they set to make merry.

Xabi will be there with Evra and Gerrard, as the soccer feast unravels in our own backyard. With Vidic from Serbia and Iniesta of Spain, I doubt whether we’ll see this spectacle again!

Yes I think Italy and Brazil will go all the way, England and Portugal could be in the fray. Also watch Argentina and Spain, whilst Cote d’Ivoire and Nigeria will be in the main.

Zero hope for Bafana I’m afraid to declare, for SAFA have bungled leaving us in despair! Six years in the planning will count for nought, as Bafana exit the prelims, what a sad thought!

South Africans have the Biggest Balls!

With the erection of the soccer balls on Telkom’s Lukasrand and Hillbrow Towers South Africa was recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as having the largest football structure in the world.

Although the Lukasrand ball weighs more, (50t) both giant balls are about 24m in diameter and eight storeys tall. The Hillbrow Tower ball was constructed off site and raised in December whereas the Lukasrand ball was constructed in situ earlier in 2009.

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