Let us be part of the lasting legacy of 2010

Let us be part of the lasting legacy of 2010

How proud I am to be a South African at the moment; to be part of this great opportunity to host the world in our country, watching the beautiful game on TV and even attending a live match in Cape Town.

Wow! The soccer world cup is really the best thing that has happened to us in a very long time, but what¹s going to happen when the games are over, when the visitors return to their home countries, when we stop waving our flags and when the droning of the vuvuzelas is silenced? Will we still have this sense of pride? Will we continue to feel positive about ourselves and other important issues? I wonder...

We really should. We must take this buzz and make it personal. We should take this vibe of ubuntu into our communities and spread it around. Let us continue visiting our neighbouring townships and not only pop in for sporting games that have some significance.

It is all good and well, but instead of a once-off cup final, why not invest in the local sporting leagues that struggle to survive? Let us all reach out to support people in the impoverished areas of our communities. We¹ve welcomed the world into our towns and cities, so now let us open our hearts and doors to one another.

What better place to start than within our own neighbourhoods? Why not go over, introduce yourself and meet those neighbours that we only nod to and wave at over weekends when we see them? Invite them over for a cup of something, have a chat about whatever you have in common or not. Feel free to share - not only your thoughts and ideas - but your resources as well.
Find out where the need is and do something about it.

By now we have all realised that, when we unite as a nation, we can achieve amazing goals. This energy that we show toward our sports teams, and the patriotism that is displayed in the vigour with which we wave our flags, must be channelled towards higher goals.

Let us all raise our game and drive forward to achieve some meaningful goals; community oriented goals that will empower a large portion of our society and will be treasured, by all, for a very long time. Be bold enough to stand up and be part of the solution to the many problems that we encounter in our daily lives. Join forces in the fight against crime by joining the community policing forum in your area. Become active members of our disability movements. Come, and let us all strive for goals that will enable us to reach within ourselves and deliver assistance, services and support to others who are weaker than us.

Let us use the improved public transport services to travel to our institutions of learning and to find employment or offer our skills. We should empower ourselves by learning to drive in order to make use of our upgraded road network.

Instead of bemoaning the work our politicians have done, are doing, or should be doing, let us hold them accountable for it. Let¹s remind them of the traffic chaos we endured for years, the inconvenience of the construction of the stadia and improvements to our cities. Now is the time for all to reap some of the benefits that the successful hosting of the World Cup has brought to us. Let us insist on the same quality of services that we have experienced during this World Cup. It is our lasting legacy and should be ensured for now and as we move forward.

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