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Danette Breitenbach is a freelance writer
Danette Breitenbach is a freelance writer and happiest behind her camera

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2011 Nov/Dec Accessible Transport Practice what you preach... View Record
2011 Sep/Oct Lotto Winners Many disability organisations have benefited from Lotto funding View Record
2011 July/Aug Compensation When I hear that someone has gone to a lawyer, I want to go through the roof View Record
2011 Mar/Apr There's soul in White City Another talented trio has erupted in the East Rand! White City will soon be on everyone's lips. As we sing along to their hit songs View Record
2011 Jan/Feb Not Without a Fight “I don’t expect things to come to me; I go get them. I am a dreamer and an achiever. Once you stop dreaming then you die.” – Thando View Record