Edwin Sipho Rihlamvu

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Edwin Sipho Rihlamvu Social commentator, writer and poet
Edwin Sipho Rihlamvu Social commentator, writer and poet. A paraplegic, Edwin campaigns for disability to be destigmatized in the trajectory and lexicon of human discourse

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2012 Sep/Oct The Emperor's New Suit Once upon a time an Emperor had only one ambition: to be the best dressed man in his empire... View Record
2012 Jul/Aug Falling Trees Make the Most Noise A falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest View Record
2012 May/Jun Acceptable Losses You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here... View Record
2012 Mar/Apr A Country's Pride Are disabled learner's a country's pride or simply shamed by the system? View Record
2012 Jan/Feb It's in Our Hands! We need to expose these horrible deeds.. View Record
2011 Nov/Dec To Win Again I lost my job; I lost my wife; I lost a sizeable part of my family.. View Record