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Emilie Olifant is a Disability Acitivist and Entrepreneur. She is the Director of The Emily Olifant Foundation.
Emilie Olifant is a Disability Acitivist and Entrepreneur. She is the Director of The Emily Olifant Foundation, an organisation that strives to address psycho-socio-economic issues experienced with the disability community.

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2015 May/Jun Trust in getting there Whatever the situation, there is always a solution. There is always a choice. And this life is a journey we all need to embrace fully! View Record
2015 Mar/Apr Reaching core peace How happy and content are you with who and where you are right now? View Record
2015 Jan/Feb Happy New Year! To make a fresh start in life we first have to get into the proper mindset. This will be easier for some than others, but doable for all. View Record
2014 Nov/Dec Back Chat - The emotional muscle of Gratitude What is this gratitude that we all talk about and are encouraged to do so regularly? View Record
2014 Sep/Oct Back Chat - Trusting… For quite some time now I’ve been dealing with some inner demons. You know those demons that you can’t see? You can’t put your arms around its neck to choke them away. View Record
2014 Jul/Aug Love Liberates Everything and everyone in our lives is there to give us our most needed and wanted lesson at that particular time. View Record
2014 May/Jun Forever Young I never explored the outdoors when I was younger but I participated in most extra mural activities during my school days. In high school, View Record
2014 Mar/Apr Back Chat - May you live in interesting times…? One story puts a damper on my good mood: the Oscar Pistorius trial. View Record
2014 Jan/Feb Back Chat - A new year, a new you! Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Unfortunately, most people don’t make any specific resolutions for self-improvement at all and this is often because they don’t think they can keep it. View Record
2013 Nov/Dec Back Chat - A trip down memory lane Some of us are happy to be leaving this year behind us, and I hope that it will end on a good note. View Record
2013 Sep/Oct Back Chat - All you need is love I realised that challenges are just lessons to learn along my journey, to help me mature View Record