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Dr Ed Baalbergen is the Medical Officer at the Vincent Pallotti Rehabilitation Centre (Cape Town) a
Dr Ed Baalbergen is the Medical Officer at the Vincent Pallotti Rehabilitation Centre (Cape Town) and is a member of the International Spinal Cord Society and the Southern African Neurological Rehabilitation Association.

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2015 Mar/Apr Managing a neuropathic bowel Following a spinal cord injury both bladder and bowel control changes. View Record
2015 Jan/Feb Urinary incontinence Incontinence plays a large role in the daily lives of persons who suffer disability. View Record
2014 Nov/Dec Medically Speaking - Syringomyelia Syringomyelia is a chronic and progressive disease of the spinal cord and is found not only in persons who have suffered a spinal cord injury. View Record
2014 Sep/Oct Medically Speaking - Colostomy to have or not to have? In this issue I shall be focusing on the question of colostomy – the question – “to have or not to have” will be investigated. View Record
2014 Jul/Aug Medically Speaking - Common orthopaedic complications in spinal cord injury Contractures are probably the most common of all the orthopaedic complications seen. View Record
2014 May/Jun Medically Speaking - Understanding Spasticity Spasticity is common and should be managed by an experienced team. Treatment is not always required and spasticity can be beneficial. View Record
2014 Mar/Apr Medically Speaking - Living with neuropathic pain In this issue we will deal mainly with neuropathic pain. View Record
2013 Nov/Dec Medically Speaking - The benefits of an annual check up A review of the patient’s urological status is vital. We need to look at what is happening with the bladder – the bladder is not a static organ and changes over time. View Record
2013 Sep/Oct Heterotopic ossification It is more commonly known as boning View Record
2013 Jul/Aug Respiratory complications in spinal cord injury If you do smoke, try to reduce the amount of cigarettes per day View Record
2013 May/Jun Understanding pressure sores The main factors that cause pressure sores are... View Record
2013 Mar/Apr Autonomic hyperreflexia It is only found in individuals who sustain an injury from the T6 level or above. View Record
2013 Jan/Feb Managing Urinary Tract Infections How do I know when I have a UTI? What should I do if I suspect a UTI? View Record