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Raven Benny is C5, 6 & 7 quadriplegic since 2000 and the chairperson of QASA
Raven Beeny is a C5, 6 & 7 quadriplegic since 2000 and the chairperson of QASA. He is married with 5 children, is mad about wheelchair rugby, and represented SA in 2003 and 2005 and plays for Maties.

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2015 May/Jun XeNOphobia Believe that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity View Record
2015 Mar/Apr Durban 2022 It is a marvellous opportunity for the future of sports in our country, but it needs buy in. View Record
2015 Jan/Feb New hope One should not always read doom and gloom in a challenging situation. View Record
2014 Nov/Dec Gang up on gangsterism After the latest crime statistics released recently, I was particularly interested in the amount of gunshot victims and young people that are murdered in the never-ending gang war. View Record
2014 Sep/Oct UpFront - Bigger rewards than mere medals When I recently met Rowan Hermanus and his father Rowland, I have pondered on this very integrated approach to sport, as they both are very spirited people that love sport. View Record
2014 Jul/Aug UpFront - When will we get our own Ministry Our public representatives are there in the benches, some with renewed vigour and motivation for the next term in office. View Record
2014 May/Jun UpFront - Are there real benefits to alternative medicines? Some of the complications of living with spinal cord injury include chronic pain and spasms. View Record
2014 Mar/Apr UpFront - Make your vote count On the one hand, it is normal for every citizen to share in this dilemma and be affected by it on an equal basis but if you are already marginalized by other factors, then any deviation in the economy will affect you more. View Record
2014 Jan/Feb UpFront - Say what? I would officially like to commend the deaf, for alerting the rest of the nation of the fraudulent misinterpretation Thamsanqa Jantjie offered us during Nelson Mandela’s State funeral. View Record
2013 Sep/Oct We need to tackle the burden of unemployment The number of unemployed people increased to 4.7 million between April and June this year View Record
2013 Jul/Aug Are we fighting the good fight? When it comes to services, people with disabilities are still being side-lined in their own quest for equal treatment. View Record
2013 May/Jun Walk the talk While many quadriplegics and paraplegics are left with little, or no hope of ever walking again, I met someone whose dreams are about to become a reality View Record
2013 Mar/Apr All should be equal before the law We are all still shocked by the news that broke on Valentine's day View Record
2013 Jan/Feb Taking its Toll If we allow e-tolling to go ahead, then most companies will expect the consumers to carry the burden of this extra cost View Record
2012 Nov/Dec Disability month Time for action View Record