Dr Donald Maasdorp

photo of Dr Donald Maasdorp
Dr Donald Maasdorp specialises in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Rahima Moosa Hospital
Dr Donald Maasdorp specialises in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Rahima Moosa Hospital. He lives by his motto: Community First.

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2015 May/Jun Benign disorders of the lower reproductive tract (Non-Cancerous) Lower reproductive tract comprised of vulva, vagina and cervix. This area can be affected by a wide spectrum of conditions from physiological, benign, premalignant and cancer (dealt with previously). View Record
2015 Mar/Apr Cancer in women with mobility impairment Malignant tumours affecting women can either cause mobility impairment or be found in a person with mobility impairment. View Record
2015 Jan/Feb Drugs and Pregnancy Drugs have been used for many years as a means of treatment. The unfortunate drawback is addiction and women have not been spared. View Record
2014 Nov/Dec Doctor's Corner - Infertility in women with a focus on mobility impaired females Women therefore have the same issues when it comes to causes and probably treatment of infertility. View Record
2014 Jul/Aug A visit to the Gynecologist The first factor to consider is who to see, and it is likely the most critical of all the decisions that will follow. View Record
2014 May/Jun Doctor's Corner - Menstrual problems in adolescents with mental and/or physical disabilities Due to the lack of studies and evidence based guidelines, doctors often struggle to manage such cases. View Record
2014 Mar/Apr Doctor's Corner - Third trimester: the home straight The third trimester is marked by the descent of the presenting part, significant discomfort as a result of the pressure on surrounding structure View Record
2014 Jan/Feb Doctor's Corner - Important health facts for the second trimester The amniocentesis is a test where a needle is passed though the abdominal wall into the gestational sac to collect amniotic fluid for testing either confirming or not the presence of Down syndrome. View Record
2013 Nov/Dec Pregnant, Now what? Pregnancy is a complex subject, so it will be covered comprehensively in the next few issues of Rolling Inspiration. View Record
2013 Sep/Oct Female Genital Prolapse Genital prolapse or pelvic floor dysfunction is a common problem that affects women of all ages, but many of them too are embarrassed to talk about it View Record
2013 Jul/Aug Growing up isn't easy Understanding puberty in girls View Record
2013 May/Jun Osteoporosis: what you need to know The most common indication that something is amiss is pain, especially in the lower back View Record
2013 Mar/Apr Hysterectomy: what you need to know When cancer is not a cause or a concern View Record
2013 Jan/Feb Stamping out Intimate partner violence Many women are still unaware of their rights when reporting abuse and even informed women traumatised by an assault are unlikely to be assertive and insist on their rights View Record
2012 Nov/Dec Abnormal uterine bleeding Between 10% to 30% of women will suffer from Abnormal Uterine Bleeding View Record