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(PrArch MSAIA) of Universal Design is an ardent supporter of universal design and integration.
Joan Seirlis (PrArch MSAIA) of Universal Design is an ardent supporter of universal design and integration

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2015 Mar/Apr The inaccessibility of hospitals One still wants to be independent, but most of us love being helped from time to time View Record
2015 Jan/Feb By the book Quite a few assistive devices have made their way into the mainstream world too, and made life much easier for able-bodied people. Handrails are useful for blind people, as well as elderly View Record
2014 Nov/Dec Accessible Environments - The foolishness of copying Durban is being branded by our Tourism department as ‘The warmest place to be’ View Record
2014 Jan/Feb Accessible Environment - New library in Durban, did they do it by the book? I joined a team of architects, to submit a tender, so I was able to get to know the brief intimately. View Record
2013 Nov/Dec Accressibility - Simple does not mean easy - Le Corbusier One of the most stunning places in New York, is a new park raised about 15 meters above the general street level. View Record
2013 Sep/Oct Apartheid museum Outside any opening, like a door, for persons with physical limitations should be level View Record
2013 Jul/Aug Equal opportunities in the environment of education I was quite disappointed that a student thought that blind people might need a separate facility View Record
2013 May/Jun The need for a change in mindset I really don't enjoy is going to the Local Authority to submit drawings for the approval of a project View Record
2013 Mar/Apr Accessible Environments All schools should be accessible to everyone in every way. View Record
2013 Jan/Feb Sustainability: much more than a buzzword Ah that a man's reach could exceed his grasp, or what's heaven made for View Record
2012 Nov/Dec Exploring Europe Simple does not mean easy View Record
2012 Sep/Oct Transport for All Most people like to get out and about independently: for people with disabilities, this is one of the big barriers to integrating into society View Record
2012 Jul/Aug Icons Should Be Respected Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least View Record
2012 May/Jun Potholes and Problems When will justice be done in Athens? View Record
2012 Mar/Apr Delightful Design But it’s a pity that more people are not aware of how environments can shape your life View Record