Issue Contents - 2011 May/Jun


Blissfull Bowels and Bladders - Keep it Clean

The health system went down due to economical and political problems my country was facing. I did not know where I could get my urostomy bags supplies. An organisation in the US helped a ...

Medically Speaking - Counting Carbs

You must learn the basic carb calculations and monitor blood glucose levels before and after meals. With time it will become easier!

Rolling Sport - Hermanus Wheelchair Race

This year's race was slightly different with participants having to register online. This obviously did not suit some of the previous runners and the number of runners was lower than ...

Rolling Sport - 2 Hands & 3 Wheels

I am a true competitive spirit and I may be paralysed but I have perseverance in bucket loads!

Rolling Sport - Quadriplegic rugby coach

He is the first quadriplegic to be successfully BokSmart certified.

Rolling Sport - Hands On Experience

Travelling through Italy was very interesting, all the history and culture blew me away and the best part was that it was mostly wheelchair-friendly.

Youth Corner - Under 30? Living Life and Loving it?

Life is amazing - with so many opportunities - and our lives are only as good as the opportunities we choose to take. I take them all. Do you?

Reader Profile - Helping Hands

Ferdi is involved in the Community Policing Forum (CPF) and patrols the town's streets at night as part of their "White Light" project to reduce crime.

Amputee Corner - Man van Staal

He slipped twice in hospital, damaging his residual limb and ended up in a wheelchair for eight months. At the end of July 2010 Paul was fitted with a prosthesis. It could not stand ...

QASA News - Pick n Pay

This brave little girl has been in treatment for post-meningitis hydrocephalus since birth. Unable to walk, and requiring constant care, Hlengiwe's plight was brought to Pick 'n Pay's ...

QASA News - Project Tshedza

QASA recognises the fact that computer skills create better job opportunities, however also understands that access to skills development and employment can pose greater obstacles for ...

QASA's Rolling Positive Achieves Milestone

More than 80 people with disabilities, 26 of whom have visual impairments, have received intensive ten-day training and are now available to be used as assistant facilitators.

Reader Profile - Scars, the body, for life

"When I got to the hospital, the doctors told my family I would not make it and would die within three hours. The doctors still cannot believe that I am alive," she says as she recalls ...

News & Views - Cerebral palsy

The conference tackled critical issues regarding cerebral palsy and provided ways to overcome challenges faced by individuals affected by cerebral palsy by pointing out what still needs ...

Product Review - Detachable Back Systems

The main benefits of back support systems are to provide postural support and stability

3 Steps to self-esteem

You have many thoughts about yourself playing like CD tracks in your head. Some are true and some are not. They come from parents, teachers, peers, bosses, siblings, the media etc.

Special Interest - SETA's

The SETAs evaluate and provide funding for these learnerships provided by the employer, or SETA accredited service providers. Some SETAs will add you to a database whereas, with others, ...

QASA News - Licensed to Drive

Driving Ambitions was the start of a new chapter in my new life - and I thank Caroline and Pat for having faith in me.


Sports for persons with disabilities

Not everyone is born with the proverbial silver spoon and not everyone is dealt the same hand. How we react and respond to challenges determines who we are and who we will turn out to be.

ICT and Disabilities

Action needs to be taken and government is at the forefront of efforts to firstly make ICT available to people with disabilities, and secondly, to integrate those people into the ...


Menopause is one of life’s inevitable constants; all women will undergo this process when they reach the end of their reproductive age.

Hyundai i20

She finds these controls light and easy to use, and they position close enough to the steering wheel to allow her to keep two hands on the steering wheel most of the time.


Only a South African citizen may apply for a SA Passport.

A hard man is good to find...

I am married and we have two children. We always had a good sex life but now I have very little feeling in my penis and I struggle to get an erection and keep it erect.

SA Golf -

South African golf is in very good shape all round with Charl Schwartzel having recently won the US Masters - hot on the heels of Louis Oosthuizen’s runaway win in the 2010 Open!