Issue Contents - 2011 July/Aug


Feet First

Put your best foot forward


This is a lovely way of introducing choice-making to early communicators

Reality Check

The positive attitude of deserving comes from a place of high self-esteem

Take a Stand

Of course the whole idea behind this product review is to get you on your feet again!

Further Education Training

All courses at FET colleges are available to people with disabilities

Rolling Sport

Our athletes used this World Cup as preparation for London

Reader Profile

Don't just sit there feeling sorry for yourself; you might as well do something while you are feeling sorry for yourself!

Youth Corner

I don't let the fact that my-legs-don't-listen-to-my-brain

Positive Change

I am proud to be involved with the QASA family's vision to increase their outreach to the broader community of disabled people in our country

Blissful Bladders - Real Bummer

A pioneer in bladder care for people with spinal lesions

Diabetes - Sweet Carbs

It is not a good idea to eat too much carbohydrate low in fibre and how to know how many carbohydrates are adequate

Amputee Corner

Much Stronger Than Averange


Empowering women with disabilities


Learning Bridges Falling Down?

Some learners with disabilities are forced to drop out as some schools lack the finances and government support to enable their schooling


Women with physical disabilities have normal fertility, are capable of falling pregnant and can expect pregnancies that do not differ significantly from other women


It responds nimbly to the slightest request from the accelerator, and stops just as easily when asked

Travel Tips - Private Transfers

Sharing is caring

Un-Imperative Imperatives

People with hearing loss often think they are the only ones who are confused and put out by high reverberation areas

I've lost that loving feeling

I cannot feel anything down there

To bid or not to bid!

Roll on and Go Bokke!


When I hear that someone has gone to a lawyer, I want to go through the roof