Issue Contents - 2011 Sep/Oct


Stem cell therapy for neuromuscular disorders

Stem cells are undifferentiated and have the ability to self-renew

Self Esteem

Do you see the value of living with self-esteem?

GI Joe!!

how to work out servings of foods based on carbohydrates

Blissful bowels and bladders

I would have a carer during the day while my family would manage nights

Product Review

Life to the full on a budget

Pet therapy

My aunt is a quadriplegic so I have been exposed to people with disabilities my whole life

The Great Outdoors

My aim was to shoot a warthog

Youth Corner

Please, don't let this lift get stuck

Amputee Corner

You guys helped to change lives


A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles

Reaching the marginalised in Limpopo

I was uncertain as to how to facilitate the workshops as I'd never presented to visually challenged people before

Rolling Sport

Surprisingly, should he get a place...

Ida's Corner

A hero amongst heroes...


Mandela make every day a Mandela day

I spent 67 minutes pushing myself in my rugby wheelchair...


Cigarette smoking is one of the evils of normal fertility and is sometimes a good place to start when wanting to fall pregnant

it's a man thing

Determined not to let his disability get the better of him, or to let others prescribe to him what he could or couldn’t do

Breaking through glass ceilings

Do not accept mediocrity! Perform!

Lotto Winners

Many disability organisations have benefited from Lotto funding

Foreign Exchange

Please do NOT exchange any currency with an unauthorised person, you will be ripped off!!

The Hard Life

I cannot get a good erection like before..

Time out with the IPC President

s it fair to expect conventional and traditional able-bodied sports federations to take on the complexities that surround sports for athletes with disabilities?

Unusual Environments

Things that matter most