Issue Contents - 2011 Nov/Dec



Accepting, attractive, caring, confident...

Dowline's Journey

able to deal with the top and I take care of the bottom...

Blissfull Bowels and Bladders

I like my privacy in the loo but, I will never get it back, ever.

Reader Profile

There is no food or water so take your picnic basket!!

Road Test

Back behind the wheel


Disability Included

Exam Stress

Some things that are crucial to remember when under stress. Try not to drink anything in large quantities

Family Matters

my miracle, my reason for breathing...

HotSpot News

Hope is what keeps us going!

Accessible Transport

Our city traffic is the worst in the world

Profile Reader

A popular teacher and sports coach

Product Review

Folding Rigid Wheelchairs

Rolling Sport

All roads lead to London

Diabetes South Africa

Amputee Corner

What a congress?


17 years ago Solomon was out walking in Mamelodi when eight youths tried to rob him. Finding nothing of value they shot him. When he came round he was unable to walk.

Rolling Positive

We look forward to an awesome 2012.

Road to London 2012

Living the Dream


Too Many, Too Much, Too Often

ignorance and poor management

Infertility Treatments

Being mobility impaired does not mean you will be infertile

To Win Again

I lost my job; I lost my wife; I lost a sizeable part of my family..

Domestic Lounges

Airport lounges are a brand new way to pass the time in style and comfort!


Sad and Disappointed


I miss our intimate life and sex

Time out with the IPC President

So why then does Sir Philip Craven believe that the 2012 Paralympic Games in London will be a success?

Accessible Transport

Practice what you preach...