Issue Contents - 2012 Jan/Feb


Self Esteem

How do you define love?

Amputee Corner

TUT urgently requires an Orthotist/Prosthetist


We don't need new members

Rolling Positive

female condoms & HIV PREVENTION

Ida's Corner

A caring heart

Rolling Sport

Female Rowers Wanted

Reader Profile

He originally wanted to study law, but then decided on criminology instead

HotSpot News

3 out of 10 houses built by the Gauteng government must be accessible for, and allocated to, people with disabilities

Rolling Kids

How to accommodate children with physical disabilities in the classroom

Product Review

This is one sport that almost anyone can participate in

Reader Profile - Our Cover Story

We limit ourselves by taking on the disability of our children rather than having the vision of using our ability to let them fly

Reader Profile

After I found out that I would have to live with this disability I found it hard to accept

Rolling Reveals

The very first Lokomat in South Africa


Over the last two issues we gave you the approximate carbs in grains, breads, crackers, cereals and milk, now we tackle fruit.

Blissful Bowels and Bladders

Fibre improves the quality of your bowel habits

In the Workplace

The programme focuses on preparing young people for the open labour market and how to access jobs.


Ovarian Tumours and Cysts

Functional cysts are by far the most common and are seen in women during their reproductive years


The one thing I still can’t understand is how an injury to my spine instantly transformed me from a someone into a something

See Saw

Better fortune follows poor beginnings

It's in Our Hands!

We need to expose these horrible deeds..

Exciting Times

I had the best experiences of my life

Umhlanga Rocks

Umhlanga Rocks Promenade Upgrade

4plat and fanta-c

Confidence and trust also play a role

Great Sporting Moments

The Blade Runner has become a global brand

Viva Polo Vivo

The joy of freedom and independence...