Issue Contents - 2012 May/Jun


In the workplace

I was injured on duty and am now disabled, can they fire me?

Blissful Bowels and Bladders

I felt so embarrassed when he said "O.M.G. you were serious!"

Ida's Corner

We leave our worries and unhappiness at the gate...

Self-Esteem - What do you value most?

Living in accordance with our values determines our level of wellness, fulfillment and happiness.


Over the past few issues we have provided the approximate carbs in grains...

Reader profile - And perform he does!

Two years after my accident I decided to start my own business...

Cooking in Cape Town

I felt just like a celebrity, and couldn't resist doing the royal wave...

Reader Profile - Mukkie in Motion

It's like an adrenaline rush plus that breath you take after holding your breath for a really long time plus the feeling you have after you've had a great week...

HotSpot News

The event provides an opportunity to learn about the world of work, resources, products and information for people of all ages - with any disability!

Rolling Reveals - Independent Living Centre

Does this facility really deserve to be called an INDEPENDENT LIVING CENTRE?

Road Test - Toyota Camry

He made his choice from back to front...

Product Review - Home Based Care

When someone we love is injured, disabled, convalescing, frail or terminally ill we want only the best...

Rolling Kidz - Sport, Games and Outdoor Activities

Exercise helps with conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain and obesity...

Rolling Sport - 100 Days to London 2012

SASCOC announced five Team SA ambassadors who shall be accompanying the team to England...

Amputee Corner - Rehabilitating Toddlers

Always remember that, in toddler rehab, their future is in your hands - so the things you do are vitally important - and always fulfilling!


One step at a time!

Rolling Positive

Myths that Perpetuate the Transmission of HIV


My Point of View

Some people do good to look good, some do good to feel good...

Acceptable Losses

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here...

Potholes and Problems

When will justice be done in Athens?

London Paralympic Games 2012

We are certainly primed and eagerly awaiting these games...

Exclusion Still Exists

Their reasons were that the wheelchair would cause congestion at...

Shaking All Over

I sometimes get spasms when we are having sex...

One of those Nights!

A little like my first date...