Issue Contents - 2012 Jul/Aug


Reader Profile - Art Wired

I want my work to be recognised in the world for the art that it is.

Ida's Corner

Hannes broke his neck in a Defence Force rugby match 15 years ago

Hot Spot News

This will be the first time that personal experiences will be recorded in South Africa.

Self-Esteem - The Vehicle of Assertion

I believe I am competent and I believe I am worthy

Cooking in Cape Town - Ankle Biting

I felt so privileged and excited when I received an invitation to SASCOC's prestigious event celebrating 100 Days to the Paralympics

50 Years of Disability Rights

People with disabilities only really started benefitting from labour legislation in 1998

Rolling Kids - Communication

Communication between Parents, Teachers andTherapists

Road Test - Honda Civic Elegance

I put my Civic in the same class as a Mercedes.

Product Review - Pimp My Ride

Instead of saying 'my other ride is a Porsche' beautifully blinged, brand new wheelchairs are available

50/50 - Accessible Essentials

Disability needs to be included in every single policy and law and not a separate, standalone policy.

Reader Profile - A Super Quickie Kat

She played provincial squash and hockey before her condition put an end to it, when she was diagnosed

Rolling Sport- Keeping the Wheels Turning

I would like to thank Cycling SA and SASCOC for making these trips possible and giving us the opportunity to compete and race with the best in the world as we prepare for London 2012

Rolling Sport - Off to London

It is a fantastic privilege to be chosen

Rolling Sport - SASCOC

Introducing Team SA for the London Paralympic Games.

50 Years of Mobility Devices

Once upon a time there was a wooden wheelchair and a wooden leg

Amputee Corner - Bush Legs

'n boer maak 'n plan

Amputee Corner

Saopa Congress


We are here to stay, we are also here to listen...

Rolling Positive

Developing effective partnerships

Rolling Sport - A marathon

New York Marathon

Rolling Reveals - Amputee Support

Peter lifted my spirits and explained to me how I would fit into normal life again after the operation


Phenomenal 50

As we celebrate the fiftieth issue of our magazine, we also celebrate some of the victories we have won over the years and communicated to our readers in this very magazine

Falling Trees Make the Most Noise

A falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest

Ovarian Cancer

The symptoms include abdominal discomfort, constipation, swelling, menstrual irregularities, urinary symptoms, etc

Icons Should Be Respected

Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least

Things Happen

If we all work together we could make an incredible difference in many children's lives

Accessible Accomodation

Bye Bye Baby

Is it my fate to be single for the rest of my life because I am disabled?

London Calling

I am confident that Team South Africa will, as always, hold their heads high and make the nation proud.