Issue Contents - 2012 Sep/Oct


Ida's Corner

In memory of Ida Hlongwa

Blissful Bowels and Bladders

I could write a book on bowel care.

Rolling Reveals

Assistive devices for persons with disabilities and access

HotSpot News

Epilepsy Disability Employment Support Services was launched in June to establish equal opportunities for people with disabilities

Road Test

Smart Girls Buy Smart Cars

Rolling Kids - Class Outings

Most children love going on class outings and teachers can use them to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom

Rolling Sport

During the Paralympic Games, Otto Bock provided repair centres at the Paralympic Village

Paralympic Special

We sang our hearts out as the South African flag, the final flag to be raised for a track event at the London 2012 Paralympics, fluttered proudly in the summer night sky.

Amputee Corner

The show must go on!


"walk for those who can't"

Cooking in Cape Town

I immediately tweeted about my terrible experiences before phoning my son and asking him to fetch me at seven

Reader Profile

Rolling on the Corridors of Power

Self-Esteem - Assertive Communication

I prove I am more powerful than others.

Fertility after spinal cord injury

There are many misconceptions and untruths regarding fertility and this article shall attempt to set the facts straight on the subject

Swapping Wheelchairs for Ferraris

Yesterday was very exciting and one I will always remember for the rest of my life

Rolling Positive

People with disabilities have a vital role to play in the global fight against HIV/AIDS...

Rolling pain away

It doesn't hurt til the bone shows...

Product Review - To Infinity and Beyond

Want to increase your speed, range and access whilst still maintaining the flexibility of your manual wheelchair?


Passing the Baton

Congratulations and well done to all athletes, management and coaching staff.

The Emperor's New Suit

Once upon a time an Emperor had only one ambition: to be the best dressed man in his empire...

Transport for All

Most people like to get out and about independently: for people with disabilities, this is one of the big barriers to integrating into society

Travel Documents-Visas

Not an easy process if you are a person with a disability!!

In the Midst of Big Moments

The focus of the conference is to get input from and engage with young people

Fit for Love

Physical fitness, health and a body-mass proportionate to body-length are key to a fulfilling sex life

Great Britain

London 2012 has been and gone..

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Please men - examine your own breasts as well as your wife's!