Issue Contents - 2012 Nov/Dec


In The Workplace

But how can you get a job if you do not have the option to make use of accessible transport to get to your work?

Reader Profile - The sky is the limit

I do not feel paralysed at all

Ida's Corner - Fate or Providence

Her expertise and aptitude were exactly what the home required.

Blissful Bowels and Bladders

Do actions speak louder than words?

Self Esteem

If assertion is so effective, why is it not used more often?

Diabetes South Africa

Five things you should know about managing diabetes

Reader profile - The sweet sounds of life

No matter what life throws at you - you gotta keep living

Cooking in Cape Town

It was upsetting that the Personal Assistant Unit of Airports Company South Africa did not come and fetch me

Road Test - Opel Vivaro

Bigger is Better

Product review - Recreational and Touring Handcycles

Handcycle racing is an exciting sport as shown by the nail-biting finish to the H4 handcycle race at the London Paralympics

Youth Corner

Goodbye 2012, Hello future

Amputee Corner

The thin red line...


Maer Boucher spins for charity

Rolling Positive

Working Together For An Aids-Free Generation

Living Rural

Life is a field of unlimited possibilities....

Rolling Kids

Higher learning

Cover Story

SA Wheelchair Tennis Champion Makes History

Rolling Sport

Gauteng Hand Cycling Race Club

HotSpot News

Tune in to positive thinking


Disability month

Time for action

Abnormal uterine bleeding

Between 10% to 30% of women will suffer from Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Exploring Europe

Simple does not mean easy

Accessible Accomodation

The ones that have already started to change their properties

Too old to rock 'n roll

We have had an active sex life but since my menopause

After the dust has settled

London Paralympic extravaganza