Issue Contents - 2013 Mar/Apr


Reader Profile - Nozi Manzi

I want people to think of a sexy lady and envision a woman on crutches or in a wheelchair

HotSpot News

Budgeting in a nutshell

Product Review - Fit like a glove

Hands up for gloves!

Rolling Sport - Road to Rio and More

Bowls come and join in the fun

QASA News - Peaceful Sleep, Driving Ambitions and More

Deon has been a high level quadriplegic for the last 23 years, spending much of his time on a mattress on the floor.

Rolling Positive

SANAC excludes persons with disabilities

Cover Feature - Drive and Thrive Expo

I have never seen anything like it before...

Stroke - The role of the health care worker

A stroke patient sheds tears easily and this is a result of brain trauma...

Self-Esteem and Body Image

Factors that influence your body image

At the wheel

Looking for adventure?

Rolling Kids

Make sure that there is a gap under the toilet door so that if children accidentally lock themselves in, or need help they don't get trapped.

Amputee Corner - Senior citizens and amputations

I can assure you that hundreds of amputees in this positions were very pleasantly surprised at just how easy the amputation rehabilitation steps really are.


All should be equal before the law

We are all still shocked by the news that broke on Valentine's day

Job hunting tips

Never give up

Hysterectomy: what you need to know

When cancer is not a cause or a concern

Together we can achieve anything

"An amazing experience".

Autonomic hyperreflexia

It is only found in individuals who sustain an injury from the T6 level or above.

Your Disability Rights 101

Understanding disability discrimination - the law, your rights, and how and when to take action

Accessible Environments

All schools should be accessible to everyone in every way.

We need education

Transport is a major challenge.

Sailing on the seven seas

My sea legs wont leave me

From the horse's mouth

Sometimes it's good to just have a snack

A loud mouthed lady

I have identified three very specific personalities