Issue Contents - 2013 May/Jun


Ida's Corner - Caring for your carer

An open letter to all employers of caregivers

Rolling Kids - Handwriting

If a learner doesn't have adequate postural andshoulder girdle control they won't be able to keep their body stable allowing them to move their arms in a controlled way.

Reader Profile - Skydiving: The ultimate adrenalin rush

The sky is the limit!

Product Review - Accessorising your wheels

Make your wheelchair work for you

Sports - Tennis scoreboard

It was a fantastic contest...

Hot Spot News ? Stand with Stan, A winning hand

Mpho lost his leg in an accident in June 2008, and since then he has had great difficulty adjusting to the loss of his limb.

QASA News - Seatbelt convincer, Free digital training

Do you want to rent our Seatbelt Convincer for your corporate function?

Amputees Corner - Man against machine

Am I a Prosthetist or a Car Salesman?

Travel ? Visiting the Southern tip of Africa

Going up unsupported is impossible as it is too steep

Rolling Feature ? Stem Cell Therapy: In search of a cure

?Where are we in finding the cure for spinal cord injury (SCI)?


Walk the talk

While many quadriplegics and paraplegics are left with little, or no hope of ever walking again, I met someone whose dreams are about to become a reality

Osteoporosis: what you need to know

The most common indication that something is amiss is pain, especially in the lower back

Understanding pressure sores

The main factors that cause pressure sores are...

Coping against all odds

He had problems with his speech as well but they believed that this would improve over time.

The need for a change in mindset

I really don't enjoy is going to the Local Authority to submit drawings for the approval of a project

The Power To Surprise - Kia Picanto

A small car, for a 'small' driver with plenty space for a wheelchair

Feelings, nothing but feelings!

Will I be able to feel any sensation during intercourse?

Looking for love

when you stop looking the right person will find you.