Issue Contents - 2013 Jul/Aug


Rolling Feature - Understanding Prescribed Minimum Benefits

All members of a medical aid scheme should be fully aware of the minimum benefits set out by law

Ida's Corner - The need to belong

Life for the disabled was often harsh and cruel,but no more so than for anyone living in that time.

Cover story - I am a survivor

Take risks in life: if you win, you can lead! If you lose, you can guide

Stroke - A battle of words

Proper motivation and a meaningful purpose in life are essential in promoting optimum recovery

The Law and You - Your Disability Rights 102

Understanding harassment, victimisation and bullying in society

Rolling Kids - Let's play

Practical activities for correct postural and shoulder girdle control

Reader Profile - Quadriplegic claims triathlon world first

The race did what it was meant to do. It made me believe that I could do an Ironman

Product Review - It's in the bag

For all the men out there it's time to get some advice from your female friends who have had a lifelong affair with bags

Rolling Sport

He has a desire to compete against able-bodied players

HotSpot News

Celebrating the past and looking towards the future


"It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end."


Are we fighting the good fight?

When it comes to services, people with disabilities are still being side-lined in their own quest for equal treatment.

Growing up isn't easy

Understanding puberty in girls

Respiratory complications in spinal cord injury

If you do smoke, try to reduce the amount of cigarettes per day

Equal opportunities in the environment of education

I was quite disappointed that a student thought that blind people might need a separate facility

Nissan Tiida

Safe, sensible, affordable

Blue flag accessible beaches in South Africa

The showers are wide and long enough to accommodate wheelchairs, but there is a step at the entrance which needs to be addressed.

Women who inspire

Two brave young women have made such an impression on me that in the spirit of Women's Month...

Calling it quits

She agreed and says she won't love me less just because we won't be having sex any more.