Issue Contents - 2013 Sep/Oct


Ida's Corner

I hear of so many quadriplegics and other people with disabilities whose spouses leave them because emotionally, they cannot cope with their partner's disability

Reader Profile - first paraplegic skiing holiday in Africa

You and your family can ski here in Africa

Rolling Kidz - Ways to improve Bilateral Coordination

Some children with poor bilateral coordination would rather use one hand alone than both hands together, and may appear awkward in certain tasks

Stroke - Aphasia: The nature of the condition

The patient's level of communication fluency before the stroke can also play a role

Product review - the drain pain

The secondary aim is to make life as pleasant as possible for the individual

Qasa News - Seven year old girl raises money for Quads for Quads

A cute, little girl walked into the QASA boardroom with R1,000 that she raised for QUADS 4 QUADS by making and selling bags

Hotspot News - SANRA Congress 2013

One hundred Nelson Mandela Bay residents received brand-new wheelchairs as part of the SPAR Wheelchair Wednesday campaign.

Rolling Sport - Under 23 wheelchair basketball shines in Turkey

It was a great way to finish this tournament


Female Genital Prolapse

Genital prolapse or pelvic floor dysfunction is a common problem that affects women of all ages, but many of them too are embarrassed to talk about it

We need to tackle the burden of unemployment

The number of unemployed people increased to 4.7 million between April and June this year

Travel Tips - Accessible accommodation

The property I visited has a couple of rooms on the ground floor that could be used by persons with mobility impairments

Heterotopic ossification

It is more commonly known as boning

Apartheid museum

Outside any opening, like a door, for persons with physical limitations should be level

With a little help from my friends

The pill will allow several erections in the next 48 hours

Get active with a crossover foot

The foot combines superb energy return with smooth roll-over motion

Hyundai ix35

Hyundai ix35 meeting many different need

Back Chat - All you need is love

I realised that challenges are just lessons to learn along my journey, to help me mature

Labour Relations and Employment Equity Acts

Many people with disabilities are harassed, victimised and bullied in the workplace by other employees. The bullied victim has the right to be treated with dignity and respect in and out ...