Issue Contents - 2013 Nov/Dec


Reader Profile - Triumph over tragedy

This young women’s life was dramatically changed forever. Her story is one of courage and defying death against all odds.

Stroke - What is Wernicke’s Aphasia?

In this fourth article, in the series on aphasia, let’s examine Wernicke’s aphasia, also known as sensory aphasia or fluent aphasia.

Self Esteem - The backbone for self-esteem

Often discipline is viewed as punishment - if anything, it is quite the opposite.

Rolling Kids - Practical activities for developing hand-eye coordination

Very simply stated, hand-eye coordination is the visual processing of information to guide hand movements.

Entrepreneurship - Showcasing the spirit of entrepreneurship

A Free State woman, who became a quadriplegic after a taxi accident, is a true entrepreneur.

Rolling Sport - Ernst Van Dyk grabs silver at NY Marathon

Veteran SA wheelchair racer, Ernst Van Dyk, finished second in the New York City Marathon

QASA News - VW hands over Caddy to QASA

QASA has a very active driver training program for people with physical disabilities, called Driving Ambitions.

Hotspot News - Outstanding youth honoured

Medals were presented by the president, alongside British royalty, Prince Edward and Princess Sophie, Earl and Countess of Wessex, at the Table Bay Hotel.

Building Universally Accessible Bird Hides

There are many important bird-watching localities in South Africa, some of which cater specifically for birdwatchers.

Stress and Exhaustion The Twin Terrors of Burnout

This article is directed at the caregiver, being a caregiver is a vocation for those with big hearts. They often care so much, that they sacrifice themselves, their time, their energy ...

Top tips for taking great pictures

We all love to document our lives, our loved ones, and the moments in life we wish to share and remember.

Rolling Sport - Lucas and KG fly SA flag in California

Lucas Sithole, world ranked no.2 had an excellent start at the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters quad final in California, winning the first set, 6-0 against the world no.1 David Wagner, ...

Para rowing crew wins bronze in first international race

Team South Africa made history at this year’s Rowing World Championships in South Korea.

Rolling Sport - Team Sasol reaches the finals

Team Sasol South Africa’s Wheelchair Basketball entourage will return from Angola an inspired and renewed squad.


Pregnant, Now what?

Pregnancy is a complex subject, so it will be covered comprehensively in the next few issues of Rolling Inspiration.

Accressibility - Simple does not mean easy - Le Corbusier

One of the most stunning places in New York, is a new park raised about 15 meters above the general street level.

Medically Speaking - The benefits of an annual check up

A review of the patient’s urological status is vital. We need to look at what is happening with the bladder – the bladder is not a static organ and changes over time.

Sexuality - Free Willy

Unfortunately, it has become common practice to discharge patients with high spinal cord injuries, with indwelling or ‘in situ’ catheters.

Travel Tips - Holiday Travel Tips

We should look at various important factors to ensure a smooth and safe journey.

Amputee Corner - Handy gadget makes life easier

However, most persons with disabilities are forced to become techno junkies.

Back Chat - A trip down memory lane

Some of us are happy to be leaving this year behind us, and I hope that it will end on a good note.

Ida's Corner - Stress and Exhaustion

A few editions ago, I wrote an article directed at employers about caring for their caregivers.

The Law & You - Areas of employment

The right to demand and receive reasonable accommodation is the most important practical right for people with disabilities as it is used daily.

Product Review - Rental cars

Do you need a bigger vehicle for when you are on holiday?

Road Test - Subaru Outback

Not many C5 quadriplegics have the strength to drive. By observing what Ari achieves few people really have an appreciation of how limited his mobility is, due to his spinal injury.

Living Rural - Rolling Hills Wheelchair Race

The 5th annual Rolling Hills Wheelchair Race took place on the 13th of October 2013